Eva Hemmer


Eva Hemmer
Assistant Professor

DRO 118

Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 1987

Work E-mail: ehemmer@uOttawa.ca

Photo of Eva Hemmer


Dr. Hemmer’s research program seeks to develop novel lanthanide-nanophosphors as multifunctional nanocarriers for near-infrared based bioimaging and energy conversion applications. Combining materials science, chemistry, physics and biological aspects, the three main areas of research are (i) the synthesis of lanthanide- nanophosphors with optimized near-infrared and upconversion emission, controlled size, crystalline phase and morphology and application-oriented surface modification, (ii) the implementation of the nanophosphors in biological systems and the assessment of nano-bio-interactions, and (iii) the design of novel optical materials for energy harvesting technologies.

Selected publications
  • Hemmer, E.; Quintanilla, M.; Légaré, F.; Vetrone, F. Temperature-induced energy transfer in dye-conjugated upconverting nanoparticles: A new candidate for nanothermometry. Chem. Mater. 2015, 27, 235-244.
  • Hemmer, E.; Venkatachalam, N.; Hyodo, H.; Hattori, A.; Ebina, Y.; Kishimoto, H.; Soga, K. Upconverting and NIR emitting rare earth based nanostructures for NIR-bioimaging. Nanoscale 2013, 5, 11339-11361.
  • Hemmer, E.; Yamano, T.; Kishimoto, H.; Venkatachalam, N.; Hyodo, H.; Soga, K. Cytotoxic aspects of gadolinium oxide nanostructures for up-conversion and NIR bioimaging. Acta Biomater. 2013, 9, 4734-4743.

Fields of Interest

  • Chimie des matériaux
  • Nanomatériaux luminescents à base de lanthanides
  • Nano-transporteurs multifonctionnels
  • Propriétés optiques
  • Relation entre la structure et les propriétés
  • Bio-imagerie dans l’infrarouge proche
  • Interaction nano-bio
  • Applications de conversion d’énergie
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