Programs of study

Programs in Earth and Environmental Sciences

The Department offers degree programs in environmental science and geology as well as in geology-physics in partnership with the Department of Physics. Research strengths at the Department of Earth Sciences include environmental geosciences, sedimentary systems, natural resources, earth materials and geodynamics.

Geology involves the study of the composition, structure and evolution of the Earth and other planetary bodies. The discipline builds from a basic understanding of physics, chemistry, and often biology, and extends into many specialties like mineralogy, petrology, paleontology, sedimentary systems, environmental geology, economic geology, geochemistry, structural geology and geophysics.

As a result, geologists study natural materials and geological processes across a range of spatial and temporal scales—from isotopes and crystals to mountain ranges and planetary dynamics. Geologists spend their time in both the field and a laboratory setting applying scientific methods to unravel the Earth’s puzzles. Training to be a geologist involves developing analytical and critical thinking skills.

Enrolling in the BSc Honours with a specialization in either geology or geology-physics will allow students to meet the accreditation requirements of professional bodies and practise as geoscientists. In their first year, students increase their knowledge of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology. Later in the program, students focus on the geology aspect of the program, which consists of lecture-laboratory courses and abundant opportunities for field excursions.

Undergraduate programs

Undergraduate programs of the Department of Earth Sciences lead to Bachelor of Science (BSc) degrees (Honours with specialization in Geology and in Geology-Physics).

Our programs are structured to allow students to obtain professional registrations in many Provinces and to enjoy careers in the minerals, energy or environmental sectors.


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Graduate programs

Ottawa-Carleton Geoscience Centre

The Centre offers programs leading to MSc and PhD degrees with emphasis in environmental geoscience, isotope geochemistry, petrology, geomathematics/computing; mineral and petroleum resource geology, sedimentary systems and basin analysis, tectonics, geodynamics, seismology, physical geography…


Master's in Earth Sciences

Doctorate in Earth Sciences

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