Fieldwork Safety

Fieldwork safety


There are two forms for fieldwork:

  • The local form is for fieldwork that is relatively close to the University of Ottawa - for example, a summer fieldwork project that includes visiting multiple sites across the city of Ottawa, Gatineau Park and Queen's University Biology Station (QUBS).
  • The non-regional form is for fieldwork that takes place in a far off location - for example, a two-week trip to Nunavut, Northern Ontario or Panama.

Download the forms

Please print and fill out the necessary form and return it to your departmental office.


Performing research in the field can be exciting, fun and dangerous. The following documents are available to help you in the field.

General Safety

These safety manuals are great for well rounded research:

  • Safety Guidelines (PDF)
    *Reproduced with the permission of AME BC and is available only in English.
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