Courses offered in Biology

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Fall 2017/Winter 2018

These courses can be spread over many sessions.

Campus CU Code UO Code Name Instructor Term
CU/UO BIOL 5909 (F) / BIOL 5909 (W) THM7999 M.Sc. Thesis Various F/W/S
UO   BIO8102L00 Special Topics in Biologie:Metabolic phenotyping in animal physiology C. Darveau S
CU/UO BIOL6909 (F) / BIOL6909 (W) THD9999 Ph.D. Thesis Various F/W/S
UO   BIO 9998 Comprehensive Exam Various F/W/S
UO   BIO 5900 M.Sc. Seminar - Tuesday 10:00-11:30  DRO214 R. Sargent F/W/S
UO   BIO 8900 Ph.D. Seminar - Tuesday 10:00-11:30  DRO214 R. Sargent F/W/S

Fall 2017

Campus CU Code UO Code Names Instructors
CU BIOL5510F BIO 5310 I00 Advanced Evolutionary Biology: Evolution of Sex R Gorelick
CU BIOL 5520F BIO 5320 I00 Advances in Conservation Ecology J Bennett, S Cooke, L Fahrig, L Kharouba, J Kerr
UO BIOL 5502 J BIO 8102 E00 Special Topics: Molecular Methods M. Ekker
UO BIOL 5502 BIO 8102 ST00 Applied Bioinformatics (cross-listed BIO 4158) H. Rundle
CU BIOL 6001F BIO 8109 I00 Advanced Molecular Biology: Cell Signaling T Xing
CU/UO BIOL5501F BIO 8120 A00 Directed Studies in Biology Various
UO   BIO 8361 A00 Advanced Animal Physiology Katie Gilmour
CU BIOL 5802F BIO 8365 I00 Advanced Behavioural Ecology S Bertram
UO   BIO 8510 ST00 Biostatistique appliquée (cross-listed BIO 4558)  
UO BIOL 5515 O BNF 5106 A00 Bioinformatics X. Xia
CU BIOL 5516F BNF 5107 I00 Applied Bioinformatics A. Wong
UO   CMM 5304 A00 Advanced Topics in Genetics and Development  (cross-listed BIO 4109 A00) M-A Akimenko
CU BIOL6402F TOX 8156 I00 Principles of Toxicology D. Miller
UO BIOL 6405 TOX 9105 A00 Seminar in Ecotoxicology J. Blais

Winter 2018

Campus CU Code UO Code Names Instructors
CU BIOL 5106W /W04 BIO 5308 I00 Laboratory Techniques in Molecular Genetics I Lambert
UO BIOL 5511 BIO 5311 A00  Advances Evolutionary Ecology (cross-listed BIO4159) R. Kassen
CU BIOL 5502 W BIO 8102 I100 Special Topic: Ecological Parasitology M. Forbes
UO BIOL 5502 BIO 8102 H00 Special Topics in Biology: Bioinformatics Laboratory (BPS 4104) X. Xia
UO BIOL 6505 BIO 8108 A00 Advanced Topics in Genetics and Development M.-A. Akimenko
UO BIOL 6002W BIO 8116 I00 Advanced Topics in Plant Molecular Biology S. Hepworth, O Rowland
UO   BIO 8303 A00 Advanced Microscopy Tuan Bui
CU BIOL 5201 W BIO 8301 I00 Evolutionary Bioinformatics N. Rodrigue
UO BIOL6300 BIO 8320 A00 Advanced Plant Biology C. Harris
UO   BIO 8510 A00 Métabolisme énergétique animal J-M. Weber
CU/UO BIOL5501W BIO 8900 Directed Studies ein Biology Various
CU BIOL6406W TOX9106 I00 Genetic Toxicology I Lambert
CU BIOL 5517 W BNF 6100 I00 Bioinformatics Seminar N. Rodrigue
CU BIOL 5709 W TOX 8157 I00 Chemical Toxicology D. Miller
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