Courses offered in Earth Sciences

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Fall 2016/Winter 2017

These courses are spread over two sessions.

Campus CU Code UO Code Name Instructor Term
UO ERTH 5909 GEO 7999 M.Sc. Thesis   F/W
UO ERTH 6909 GEO9999 Ph.D. Thesis   F/W
UO ERTH 6908 GEO9998 Comprehensive Exam   F/W

Fall 2016

Campus CU Code UO Code Name Instructor
UO ERTH 5301 GEO 5131 Siliciclastic Sedimentology (cross-listed with GEO4366) B. Arnott
UO GEOL 5402 GEO 5142 Earth Systems and Climate (cross-listed with GEO 4301b) G. Milne
UO ERTH 5503 GEO 5153 A Computer Techniques in the Earth Sciences (cross-listed with GEO 4301a) B. Daneshfar
UO ERTH 5609 GEO 5169 A Geochronology & Isotope Tracers (cross-listed with GEO 4301c) J. O'Neil
CU ERTH 5701 f GEO 5171 Sec. I Physics of the Earth G. Ranalli
CU ERTH 5202 F GEO 5301 Sec. I1 Large Igneous Provinces R. Ernst
CU ERTH 5001 GEO 5301 Sec. I Modelling Environmental Systems C. Burn
CU ERTH 5006   Aquatic ecosystem change during the Anthoropocene J. Vermaire

Fall 2016 - 4th year course

Campus CU Code UO Code Name Instructor
UO   GEO 4301 A Selected Topics in Earth Sciences: GIS Sci & Eng. Applications B. Daneshfar
UO   GEO 4301 B Earth Systems & Climate G. Milne
UO   GEO 4301 C Geochronology & Isotope Tracers J. O'Neil
UO   GEO 4366 Siliciclastic Sedimentology B. Arnott
UO   GEG 4118 A Environmental Impact Assessment  
UO   GEG 4120 A GIS Numrical Spatial Analysis M. Sawada
UO   GEG 4529 A Les changements climatiques A. Viau
UO   GEG 4701 A Gématique avancée  

Winter 2017

Campus CU Code UO Code Name Instructor
UO ERTH 5407 GEO 5147 Aqueous Inorganic Geochemistry and Modelling (Cross-listed with GEO 4301e) T. Al
UO ERTH 5503 GEO 5153 B Computer Techniques in the Earth Sciences - Quantitatice Analyses in Geology (Cross-listed with GEO 4354) B. Daneshfar
UO ERTH 5600 GEO 5160 Sudduction Zone Geochemistry (Cross-listed with GEO 4382) K. Hattori
UO ERTH 5609P GEO 5169 B Environmental Radiochemistry Techniques (Cross-listed with GEO 4301 D and CHM 4390 b) J. Cornett
UO ERTH 5903  GEO 5193 A California Field Trip (Cross-listed with GEO 4300) D. Schneider
UO ERTH 5903 GEO 5193 B Carbonate Sedimentology in New Mexico/Texas (Field Trip) A. Desrochers
UO ERTH 5306 GEG 5311 A Environmental Change in Golf Regions D. Lacelle
CU ERTH 5306 F GEO 5136 Sec. I Paleobiology C. Schroder-Adams
CU ERTH5308 W GEO 5302 Sec. I1 Advanced Micropaleontology T. Patterson
CU ERTH 5408 W GEO 5148 Sec. I Theory of Flow and Contaminant Transport in Geological Materials R. Amos
CU ERTH 5707 W GEO 5177 Sec. I Engineering Seismology  
CU GEOL 5303 GEO 5133 Sec. I Geocryology S. Gruber
UO   GEO 5302 A Seminars in Earth Sciences II (Cross-listed with CHM 4301F) O. Nadeau
CU GEOG 5311 b GEG 5311 Sec. I Environmental Change in Cold Regions  

Winter 2017 - 4th year course

Campus CU Code UO Code Name Instructor
UO   GEO 4300 California Field Trip D. Schneider
UO   GEO 4301 D Environmental Radiochemistry Techniques J. Cornett
UO   GEO 4301 E Aqueous Inorganic Geochemistry and Modelling T. Al
UO   FEO 4342 Nat. & Contamin Groundwater Geochemistry I. Clark
UO   GEO 4354 Quantitative Analysis in Geology B. Daneshfar
UO   GEO 4382 Advanced Geochemistry - Subduction Zone Geochemistry K. Hattori
UO   GEG 4101 B Permafrost Environments A. Lewkowicz
UO   GEG 4301 B Advanced Geomatics M. Sawada
UO   GEG 4512 B Paleoenvironnements du quaternaire B. Lauriol
UO   GEG 4520 B SIG et analyse spatiale A. Knudby
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