Courses offered in Physics

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Fall 2017/Winter 2018

These courses are spread over two or more sessions.

Campus CU Code UO Code Name Instructor Term
UO/CU PHYS 5909 THM 7999 M.Sc. Thesis   F/W/S
UO/CU PHYS 6909 THD 9999 Ph.D. Thesis   F/W/S
UO   PHY 9998 Qualifying Exam    

Fall 2017

Campus CU Code UO Code Name Instructor
UO PHYJ 5331 PHY 5331 Fiber Optic Fundamentals and Applications Bao
UO PHYJ 5332 PHY 5332 Nonlinear Optics Boyd
UO PHYJ 5005 PHY 5341 Computational Physics II Longtin
UO PHYJ 5505  PHY 5355 Statistical Mechanics Piercy
UO PHYS 5901 PHY 8191 A Selected Topics in Physics: Introduction to Nanoscience Badolato
UO PHYS 5901 PHY 8191 B Selected Topics in Physics: Photons and Atoms Lundeen
CU PHYS 5002 PHY 5344  Computational Physics Gillberg
CU PHYS 5203 PHY 5161  Medical Radiation Physics Heath
CU PHYS 5313 PHY 8191 I100 Phys. App. Fourier Analysis Johns
CU PHYS 5601 PHY 5966  Exper Tech of Particle Physics Graham
CU PHYS 5701 PHY 5170 Intermediate Quantum Mechanics with Applications Gregoire
CU PHYS 5804 PHY 8191 I200 Intro. to General Relativity Stolarski
CU PHYS 6701 PHY 8173 Quantum Field Theory Logan

Winter 2018

Campus CU Code UO Code Name Instructor
UO PHYJ 5001 PHY 5130 Experimental Characterization Techniques in Materials Science, Physics, Chemistry, and Mineralogy  Bhardwaj
UO PHYJ 5322 PHY 5322 Biological Physics Joos
UO PHYS 5302 PHY 8132 Classical Electrodynamics Karimi
UO PHYS 5901 PHY 8191 A Selected Topics in Physics: Physics of Low-Dimensional Systems Hawrylak
UO PHYS 5901 PHY 8191 C Selected Topics in Physics: Physics of Continuous Media Harden
UO PHYS 5902 PHY 8191 D Selected Topics in Physics: Biomaterials Gourdon
CU PHYS 5602 PHY 5967 I Physics of Elementary Particles Campbell
CU PHYS 5206 PHY 5164 I Medical Radiotherapy Physics  
CU PHYS 5208 PHY 5163 I Radiation Protection  
CU PHYS 5210 PHY 5168 I Anatomy and Physiology for Medical Physicists  
CU PHYS 5291 PHY 5167 I Adv. Topics in Medical Physics  
CU PHYS 5702 PHY 8172 I Relativistic Quantum Mechanics Stolarski
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