Examination information

Final exams schedule - April 2018

The following information can be modified or updated without warning up to 48 hours before the exam.

It is your responsibility to check this web page regularly.

If you are registered with SASS-Academic Accommodations and wish to write your deferred/supplemental exam(s) with them, you must submit a request by email to the Exam Centre.

Course code Section Date Start Time
BCH2333 A00 14-Apr-18 9:30
BCH2333 B00 14-Apr-18 9:30
BCH2733 000 14-Apr-18 9:30
BCH3120 A00 13-Apr-18 14:00
BCH3125 A00 22-Apr-18 9:30
BCH3520 A00 13-Apr-18 14:00
BCH3525 A00 22-Apr-18 9:30
BCH4116 000 26-Apr-18 14:00
BCH4123 000 14-Apr-18 9:30
BCH4124 B00 17-Apr-18 9:30
BCH4125 000 23-Apr-18 9:30
BCH4700 A00 15-Apr-18 14:00
BIM4316 A00 26-Apr-18 14:00
BIO1140 A00 24-Apr-18 14:00
BIO1140 B00 24-Apr-18 14:00
BIO1140 C00 24-Apr-18 14:00
BIO1300 A00 16-Apr-18 9:30
BIO1540 A00 24-Apr-18 14:00
BIO1540 B00 24-Apr-18 14:00
BIO1700 A00 16-Apr-18 9:30
BIO2110 000 20-Apr-18 14:00
BIO2133 A00 19-Apr-18 9:30
BIO2133 B00 19-Apr-18 9:30
BIO2135 A00 16-Apr-18 14:00
BIO2510 A00 20-Apr-18 14:00
BIO2533 A00 19-Apr-18 9:30
BIO2535 A00 16-Apr-18 14:00
BIO3102 A00 18-Apr-18 19:00
BIO3115 A00 16-Apr-18 9:30
BIO3117 A00 18-Apr-18 9:30
BIO3151 M00 24-Apr-18 14:00
BIO3151 N00 24-Apr-18 14:00
BIO3151 O00 24-Apr-18 14:00
BIO3151 P00 24-Apr-18 14:00
BIO3303 A00 25-Apr-18 9:30
BIO3360 A00 15-Apr-18 19:00
BIO3502 A00 18-Apr-18 19:00
BIO3515 A00 16-Apr-18 9:30
BIO3517 A00 18-Apr-18 9:30
BIO3551 N00 24-Apr-18 14:00
BIO3558 A00 15-Apr-18 9:30
BIO3576 A00 19-Apr-18 14:00
BIO3703 A00 25-Apr-18 9:30
BIO4159 A00 19-Apr-18 9:30
BIO4350 A00 16-Apr-18 19:00
BIO4534 A00 16-Apr-18 19:00
BIO4546 A00 23-Apr-18 19:00
BIO4552 A00 20-Apr-18 9:30
BIO5311 A00 19-Apr-18 9:30
BIO8510 A00 20-Apr-18 9:30
BPS1101 A00 23-Apr-18 14:00
BPS1101 B00 23-Apr-18 14:00
BPS1101 C00 23-Apr-18 14:00
BPS2510 000 17-Apr-18 9:30
BPS4103 B00 17-Apr-18 9:30
BPS4126 B00 14-Apr-18 14:00
BPS4126 C00 14-Apr-18 14:00
BPS4129 000 23-Apr-18 14:00
BPS4526 B00 14-Apr-18 14:00
BPS4526 C00 14-Apr-18 14:00
CHM1311 G00 13-Apr-18 9:30
CHM1321 A00 15-Apr-18 14:00
CHM1321 B00 15-Apr-18 14:00
CHM1321 C00 15-Apr-18 14:00
CHM1711 C00 13-Apr-18 9:30
CHM1721 A00 15-Apr-18 14:00
CHM1721 B00 15-Apr-18 14:00
CHM2311 000 24-Apr-18 9:30
CHM2330 000 21-Apr-18 14:00
CHM2354 000 26-Apr-18 9:30
CHM2711 000 24-Apr-18 9:30
CHM2713 A00 17-Apr-18 9:30
CHM2730 000 21-Apr-18 14:00
CHM2754 000 26-Apr-18 9:30
CHM3126 B00 18-Apr-18 9:30
CHM3373 000 13-Apr-18 14:00
CHM3526 B00 18-Apr-18 9:30
CHM4155 000 19-Apr-18 14:00
CHM4311 C00 26-Apr-18 14:00
CHM4328 B00 17-Apr-18 9:30
CHM4328 D00 18-Apr-18 9:30
CHM4354 B00 16-Apr-18 19:00
CHM4381 A00 22-Apr-18 14:00
CHM4390 C00 25-Apr-18 9:30
CHM4555 A00 19-Apr-18 14:00
CHM4754 B00 16-Apr-18 19:00
CMM4350 000 16-Apr-18 19:00
EVS1101 A00 25-Apr-18 14:00
EVS1501 A00 25-Apr-18 14:00
GEO1111 A00 23-Apr-18 9:30
GEO1301 A00 25-Apr-18 9:30
GEO1511 A00 23-Apr-18 9:30
GEO1701 A00 25-Apr-18 9:30
GEO2113 A00 20-Apr-18 19:00
GEO2164 A00 17-Apr-18 9:30
GEO2321 A00 15-Apr-18 14:00
GEO2564 A00 17-Apr-18 9:30
GEO2566 A00 15-Apr-18 14:00
GEO3163 A00 18-Apr-18 14:00
GEO3382 A00 13-Apr-18 14:00
GEO3563 A00 18-Apr-18 14:00
GEO3742 A00 24-Apr-18 19:00
GEO3782 A00 13-Apr-18 14:00
GEO4301 E00  24-Apr-18 14:00
GEO4354 A00 16-Apr-18 19:00
GEO5147 A00 24-Apr-18 14:00
GEO5153 B00 16-Apr-18 19:00
MAT1300 C00 18-Apr-18 19:00
MAT1300 F00 18-Apr-18 19:00
MAT1302 D00 18-Apr-18 9:30
MAT1302 F00 18-Apr-18 9:30
MAT1302 B00 18-Apr-18 9:30
MAT1302 A00 18-Apr-18 9:30
MAT1318 B00 14-Apr-18 9:30
MAT1320 D00 21-Apr-18 19:00
MAT1320 F00 21-Apr-18 19:00
MAT1322 A00 13-Apr-18 19:00
MAT1322 B00 13-Apr-18 19:00
MAT1322 C00 13-Apr-18 19:00
MAT1322 E00 13-Apr-18 19:00
MAT1330 D00 24-Apr-18 9:30
MAT1332 B00 21-Apr-18 19:00
MAT1332 C00 21-Apr-18 19:00
MAT1332 D00 21-Apr-18 19:00
MAT1339 B00 24-Apr-18 9:30
MAT1341 C00 20-Apr-18 9:30
MAT1341 G00 20-Apr-18 9:30
MAT1341 D00 20-Apr-18 9:30
MAT1348 A00 25-Apr-18 19:00
MAT1348 B00 25-Apr-18 19:00
MAT1348 C00 25-Apr-18 19:00
MAT1395 A00 19-Apr-18 14:00
MAT1700 B00 18-Apr-18 19:00
MAT1702 A00 18-Apr-18 9:30
MAT1702 B00 18-Apr-18 9:30
MAT1720 C00 21-Apr-18 19:00
MAT1722 A00 13-Apr-18 19:00
MAT1722 B00 13-Apr-18 19:00
MAT1730 C00 24-Apr-18 9:30
MAT1732 B00 21-Apr-18 19:00
MAT1739 B00 24-Apr-18 9:30
MAT1741 B00 20-Apr-18 9:30
MAT1748 A00 25-Apr-18 19:00
MAT2125 A00 18-Apr-18 14:00
MAT2143 A00 15-Apr-18 14:00
MAT2322 C00 21-Apr-18 19:00
MAT2322 D00 21-Apr-18 19:00
MAT2324 A00 20-Apr-18 9:30
MAT2375 A00 13-Apr-18 14:00
MAT2377 A00 22-Apr-18 14:00
MAT2377 B00 22-Apr-18 14:00
MAT2384 C00 23-Apr-18 14:00
MAT2525 A00 18-Apr-18 14:00
MAT2543 A00 15-Apr-18 14:00
MAT2722 B00 21-Apr-18 19:00
MAT2724 A00 20-Apr-18 9:30
MAT2775 A00 13-Apr-18 14:00
MAT2777 A00 22-Apr-18 14:00
MAT2784 B00 23-Apr-18 14:00
MAT3100 B00 26-Apr-18 9:30
MAT3121 A00 18-Apr-18 9:30
MAT3143 A00 23-Apr-18 9:30
MAT3341 A00 21-Apr-18 9:30
MAT3378 A00 14-Apr-18 19:00
MAT3379 A00 24-Apr-18 19:00
MAT3380 A00 22-Apr-18 9:30
MAT3520 A00 19-Apr-18 9:30
MAT3566 A00 15-Apr-18 9:30
MAT3748 A00 13-Apr-18 9:30
MAT4143 A00 25-Apr-18 14:00
MAT4157 A00 16-Apr-18 9:30
MAT4199 A00 25-Apr-18 14:00
MAT4371 000 23-Apr-18 14:00
MAT4372 A00 18-Apr-18 9:30
MAT4374 A00 25-Apr-18 9:30
MAT4376  C00 16-Apr-18 9:30
MAT4524 A00 14-Apr-18 14:00
MAT4777 A00 16-Apr-18 9:30
MAT4995 A00 23-Apr-18 14:00
MAT5133 A00 23-Apr-18 14:00
MAT5142 A00 25-Apr-18 14:00
MAT5152 A00 16-Apr-18 9:30
MAT5171 A00 16-Apr-18 9:30
MAT5182 A00 25-Apr-18 9:30
MAT5313 A00 18-Apr-18 9:30
MAT5314 C00 16-Apr-18 9:30
MAT5327 A00 25-Apr-18 14:00
MAT5341 A00 23-Apr-18 14:00
PHY1122 B00 25-Apr-18 9:30
PHY1122 A00 25-Apr-18 9:30
PHY1122 C00 25-Apr-18 9:30
PHY1124 A00 24-Apr-18 9:30
PHY1124 B00 24-Apr-18 9:30
PHY1300 A00 19-Apr-18 19:00
PHY1322 A00 17-Apr-18 14:00
PHY1522 A00 25-Apr-18 9:30
PHY1522 B00 25-Apr-18 9:30
PHY1524 A00 24-Apr-18 9:30
PHY1700 A00 21-Apr-18 14:00
PHY1722 A00 17-Apr-18 14:00
PHY2100 A00 17-Apr-18 9:30
PHY2104 A00 17-Apr-18 14:00
PHY2323 A00 21-Apr-18 9:30
PHY2361 A00 25-Apr-18 9:30
PHY2500 A00 17-Apr-18 9:30
PHY2504 A00 17-Apr-18 14:00
PHY2723 A00 21-Apr-18 9:30
PHY2761 A00 25-Apr-18 9:30
PHY3320 A00 13-Apr-18 14:00
PHY3355 A00 24-Apr-18 14:00
PHY3380 A00 14-Apr-18 14:00
PHY3720 A00 13-Apr-18 14:00
PHY3755 A00 24-Apr-18 14:00
PHY4322 A00 20-Apr-18 14:00
PHY5322 A00 20-Apr-18 14:00
SYS5120 000 23-Apr-18 14:00
Important information and procedures

For students writing finals, deferred or supplemental examinations for courses offered by the Faculty of Science

  1. If you are writing a final, a supplemental or a deferred examination, you do not have to register. You must show up for the exam at the correct date and time.
  2. Always bring your student card to every exam.
  3. Know the course section you are registered in.
  4. During an examination, you must not have in your possession recording or communications devices that have not been previously authorized, including cellular phones. Turn off these devices and bring them to the front of the exam room as you would all other materials in your possession (backpacks, books, etc.). Students in possession of such devices will be subject to an accusation of academic fraud.
  5. Only the following calculators are allowed during Faculty of Science examinations: Texas Instruments TI-30 and TI-34, Casio FX-260 and Casio FX-300 (scientific and non-programmable calculators).
  6. If you arrive more than 30 minutes late for an exam, you will not be allowed to write the exam. If this happens to you, report right away to the Office of Undergraduate Programs of the Faculty of Science, Gendron Hall, Room 172.
  7. The Faculty of Science examination timetable is posted on the Faculty website, as well as in Gendron Hall. Be sure to check and re-check the dates of your exams, as errors in reading the examination timetable are not accepted reasons to defer an exam.
  8. If the final exam of a course from the Faculty of Science is held in more than one room, how do I know in which room to go?

    You must consult the final examination timetable posted in Gendron Hall and on the web site of the Faculty of Science. t will show by alphabetical order of surname the rooms assigned for each exam.

    Example: BIO 1540 A
    GYM C: A – ESS;

  9. Random-seating for Faculty of Science final exams written in the gym(located in the basement of Montpetit Hall), on the ice rink MNO (also called the Minto Sports complex located on King Edward St) and in some classrooms:

    When you write a science final exam in a gym, on the ice rink or in some classrooms you are assigned a seat and to find which seat has been assigned to you, you must first know in which gym, ice rink or classroom you are writing. At the back of the gym, the ice rink or classrooms, the list of random-seating is posted by course and by section. Find your name and next to it you will see the seat assigned to you.

    • the gyms are identified - A and B, C and D, E and F
    • the ice rink area is identified MNO1, MNO2, MNO3
    • the seats in each gym are identified with numbers 1 to 154
    • the seats on the ice rink area are identified with numbers 1 to 190
    • the back of the seats in some classrooms are identified with numbers
    • The gyms and the ice rink open 30 minutes before the start of the exams
    • When you arrive in the gym or the ice rink, remain silent, put your bags and coats at the front or at the back of the gym or the ice rink, find out where you should sit and get prepared.
  10. At the start of the exam, one of the proctors will check your student card and ask you to sign the attendance sheet.
  11. At the end of the exam, one of the proctors will pick up your exam and/or exam booklet(s) and will indicate on the attendance sheet the number of exam booklets returned. Make sure that the correct number of exam booklets is indicated.
  12. If you are sick on the day of the exam:
    • If you unable to write an exam due to illness, see a physician before your exam. You must notify the academic secretariat of the faculty where you are registered and submit a medical certificate bearing the date of the absence within five working days of the exam date, except if extenuating circumstances prevent you from doing so; you must document these circumstances.
    • If you choose to go to University of Ottawa Health Services, let the receptionist know that the purpose of your visit is regarding an exam deferral.
    • If you write an examination during the period of disability specified on your medical certificate, you cannot later plead illness to appeal your examination results.
    • Consult the Justification of absence from an examination or of late submission of assignments section of the Academic Regulations

Good luck with your exams!

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