Jessica Forrest

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Jessica Forrest
Professeure agrégée

Pièce : DRO 207
Bureau : 613-562-5800 poste 3948
Courriel professionnel :

FORREST, Jessica


Publications sélectionnées :
  • Forrest, J.R.K. and S.P.M. Chisholm*. 2017. Direct benefits and indirect costs of warm temperatures for high-elevation populations of a solitary bee. Ecology 98: 359-369.
  • Spear, D.M.*, S. Silverman*, and J.R.K. Forrest. 2016. Asteraceae pollen provisions protect Osmia mason bees (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae) from brood parasitism. American Naturalist 187: 797-803.
  • Forrest, J.R.K., R.W. Thorp, C. Kremen, and N.M. Williams. 2015. Contrasting patterns in species and functional-trait diversity of bees in an agricultural landscape. Journal of Applied Ecology 52: 706-715.
  • Forrest, J.R.K. 2014. Plant size, sexual selection, and the evolution of protandry in dioecious plants. American Naturalist 184: 338-351.
  • Forrest, J.R.K. and J.D. Thomson. 2011. An examination of synchrony between insect emergence and flowering in Rocky Mountain meadows. Ecological Monographs 81: 469-491.

Champs d'intérêt

  • Écologie évolutive
  • Pollinisation
  • Changements climatiques
  • Phénologie
  • Abeilles sauvages
  • Cycle biologique
  • Agriculture
  • Sélection naturelle
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