Emily Acheson, MSc student, stands out by winning several awards

Posted on Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The awards include both recognition for research excellence as well as contributions to humanitarian/community causes and writing excellence:

ESRI Graduate Scholarship: The awards recognize institutions across the country that demonstrate a strong, multidisciplinary focus on GIS (Geographic Information System). The chosen school then selects a student to receive the award with an objective to help further develop their skills and encourage the student to consider GIS as a career.

Catalyst Winter Writing Contest, Grand Prize: Write an article on  “Science: A Life-Changing Experience” and how a scientific graduate research has affected the student's life or has the potential to affect the lives of others. 

Monseigneur Joseph Aurèle Plourde Scholarship: Award a scholarship to a student at the master’s or doctoral level who is doing a research project on disadvantaged communities.

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