Tom Moon is the 2015 CCUBC Career Achievement Award recipient

Posted on Monday, October 5, 2015

Professor Tom Moon has carried out pioneering studies on fish liver metabolism, leading to groundbreaking investigations into the effects of environmental toxins on hepatic function and metabolism. He has also been a leader in establishing the field of “endocrine disruption”, the stress on fish related to environmental contaminants. Professor Moon has been an effective mentor of all levels of trainee; no fewer than nine of whom have attained University academic positions. With an h-index of over 48, his accomplishments have been recognized by the award of the Fry Medal from the Canadian Society of Zoology in 2004. Professor Moon has also made considerable administrative contributions, serving as Department Chair for two terms, and then Vice-Dean Research at University of Ottawa from 2005-2014, presiding over a major expansion of research activities. Nationally, he has been a major science advocate, serving as President of the Canadian Society of Zoology, Secretary of CFBS and President of CCUBC.

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