Tuan Bui


Tuan Bui
Associate Professor and Assistant Chair, Undergraduate Studies and Director, Biology program

Room: GNN 285
Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 7888
Work E-mail: Tuan.Bui@uOttawa.ca


The main goal of my research program is to understand how the nervous system controls movement, in particular, through the activity of the spinal cord. The lab seeks to characterize neurons involved in motor control, identify the circuits that they form and study their involvement in motor tasks such as locomotion (e.g. walking, swimming) and hand function. Experimental techniques include electrophysiology, immunocytochemistry, and computational modelling, and experimental models include zebrafish and mouse.

Selected publications:
  • Bui TV, Akay T, Loubani O, Hnasko TS, Jessell TM, and Brownstone RM. Circuits for grasping: spinal dI3 interneurons mediate cutaneous control of motor behavior. Neuron (2013); 78: 191-204, 2013
  • Brownstone RM and Bui TV. Spinal locomotor inputs to the final common pathway. Progress in Brain Research (2010); 187: 81-95, 2010
  • Carlin KP*, Bui TV*, Dai Y, and Brownstone RM. Staircase currents in motoneurons: insight into the spatial arrangement of calcium channels in the dendritic tree. Journal of Neuroscience (2009); 29(16): 5343-53, 2009
  • Bui TV, Grande G, Rose PK. Multiple modes of amplification of synaptic inhibition to motoneurons by persistent inward currents. Journal of Neurophysiology (2008); 99(2): 571-82, 2008
  • Bui TV, Grande G, Rose PK. Relative location of inhibitory synapses and persistent inward currents determines the magnitude and mode of synaptic amplification in motoneurons. Journal of Neurophysiology (2008); 99(2): 583-94, 2008

Fields of Interest

  • Neurobiology
  • Motor control
  • Sensorimotor integration
  • Spinal cord
  • Electrophysiology
  • Computational modelling
  • Cell biology
  • Zebrafish
  • Mouse
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