Risa Sargent


Risa Sargent
Associate Professor

Room: GNN 269
Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 6840
Work E-mail: rsargent@uOttawa.ca


Dr. Sargent studies the evolutionary ecology of flowering plants and their predators and pollinators. Research in her lab is focused on the influence of pollinators on floral trait evolution and plant community assembly; pollinator-mediated interactions between invasives and natives; the potential for invasive plant species to evolve in response to biological control agents; and the effects of disturbances on pollinator communities and plant reproduction.

Selected publications:
  • McKechnie, I.M. and R.D. Sargent. Do plant traits influence a species' response to habitat disturbance? A meta-analysis. Biological Conservation (Accepted for publication pending revisions), 2013
  • Da Silva, E.M., V.M. King, J.L. Russell-Mercier, and R.D. Sargent. Evidence for pollen limitation of a native plant in invaded communities. Oecologia 172: 469-476, 2013
  • King, V.M. and R.D. Sargent. Presence of an invasive plant species alters pollinator visitation to a native. Biological Invasions 14: 1809-1818, 2012
  • Sargent, R.D., S.W. Kembel, N.C. Emery, E.J. Forrestel, and D.D. Ackerly. Effect of local community phylogenetic structure on pollen limitation in an obligately insect-pollinated plant. American Journal of Botany 98: 283-289, 2011
  • Sargent, R.D. and D.D. Ackerly. Plant-pollinator interactions and the assembly of plant communities. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 23:123-130, 2008

Fields of Interest

  • Evolutionary ecology
  • Community ecology
  • Flowering plants
  • Pollinator-mediated interactions
  • Floral trait evolution
  • Herbivory
  • Biological control
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