Program in Biomedical Science

Do you find the idea of delving into who we are as human beings irresistible? Not only from the scientific point of view, but also from the point of view of the human aspect? 

The Faculty of Science's program in Biomedical Science presents the student many options. The first two years provide a background in anatomy, psychology and health sciences in addition to the basic sciences such as biology and chemistry. After year-two students can chose to combine additional courses in biology and biochemistry with a diverse number of optional courses in the humanities or they can chose options that focus on areas of health sciences such as Neurosciences or Cellular and Molecular Medicine. Other options such as Microbiology and Bio-analytical Sciences will likely be available in the next year or two.

Graduates will have obtained backgrounds suitable for admission to various health professional programs and to continued studies and research in the broad field of health related sciences. 

This program has limited enrolment.

A message from the Director


The Biomedical Science Program (BIM), one of the most popular and competitive in the Faculty of Science is at a turning point, following its incorporation in the Department of Biology in 2016. The BIM program benefits from highly achieving students and offers them numerous opportunities of topics in the sciences and other areas of learning. The different options, combined with important required courses, provide BIM graduates with many opportunities not only in the health-related professions but also in many other fields.

My key advice: Choose options in which you are interested and enjoy studying. These are key requisites for success. Do well and your future, wherever it leads, will be interesting, rewarding, and maybe even surprising.

Never hesitate to contact either me or the BIM administrative assistant, Ms. Annie Laprise if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to support you in your program of studies.

Best wishes,

Odette Laneuville
Director, Biomedical Science

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