BSc with Honours in Biomedical Science

Are you fascinated by the study of who we are as human beings – not only from a scientific perspective, but also from a holistic point of view?

With its emphasis on the whole human being, this program provides a basis in anatomy, psychology and health sciences, with a strong knowledge of biology, biochemistry and chemistry.

After their second year of study, students can choose to add an option in Bioanalytical ScienceMedicinal ChemistryBiostatisticsNeuroscience or Cellular and Molecular Medicine to their main program or chose to combine additional courses in biology and biochemistry with a diverse number of optional courses in the humanities.

You could also combine this program with a minor from any faculty including Science if you choose not to add an option to your program.

This program gives you access to a fourth-year research project with thesis under the supervision of a researcher from Science or Medicine at the University of Ottawa or from a University–affiliated research institute.

Graduates will have obtained backgrounds suitable for admission to various health professional programs and to continued studies and research in the broad field of health related sciences. 

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