Courses offered by the Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences in 2017-18

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Fall 2017/Winter 2018

These courses are spread over two sessions.

Course code Title
BCH4040 Projet de recherche - biochimie
BCH4040 Honours Research - Biochemistry
BCH4932 Biochemistry Seminar
BCH4932B Séminaire de Biochimie 
BPS4006 Projet de recherche
BPS4006 Honours project
BPS4900 Séminaire 
BPS4900 Seminar
CHM4010 Travail de recherche et séminaire
CHM4010 Research Project and Seminar

Fall 2017

Course code Title
BCH3170/BIO3170 Molecular Biology
BCH3356 Molecular Biology Laboratory
BCH3570/BIO3570 Biologie moleculaire
BCH3756 Laboratoire de biologie moléculaire
BCH4101 Human Genome Structure and Function
BCH4122 Structural Biology of Proteins
BCH4172 Topics in Biotech
BCH4501 Structure et fonction du génome humain
BCH4522 Biologie structurale des protéines
BPS2110 Introduction to Biopharmaceutical Science
BPS3101 Genomics
BPS3102 Principles of Toxicology and Pharmacology
BPS3501 La génomique
BPS3502 Principes de toxicologie et pharmacologie
BPS4101 Human Genome Structure and Function
BPS4121 Biosynthesis and Natural Product Derived Medicines
BPS4127 Advanced Techniques in Biosciences
BPS4527 Techniques avancées en Bioscience
CHM/BPS3350 Transition Metal Chemistry
CHM/BPS3750 Chimie des métaux de transition
CHM1301 Principles of Chemistry
CHM1311 Principles of Chemistry
CHM1701 Principes de chimie
CHM1711 Principes de chimie
CHM2120 Organic Chemistry II
CHM2123 Laboratory of Organic Chemistry II
CHM2131 Chemical Thermodynamics of Gases and Solutions
CHM2132 Physical Chemistry for the Life Sciences
CHM2353 Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry
CHM2520 Chimie organique II
CHM2523 Laboratoire de chimie organique II
CHM2531 Thermodynamique chimique des gaz et des solutions
CHM2532 Chimie physique pour les sciences de la vie
CHM2753 Chimie minérale des éléments
CHM3120 Intermediate Organic Chemistry
CHM3122 Applications of Spectroscopy in Chemistry
CHM3140 Quantum Chemistry and Molecular Modelling
CHM3520 Chimie organique intermédiaire
CHM3522 Applications de la spectroscopie en chimie
CHM3540 La chimie quantique et modélisation moléculaire
CHM4123/BPS4125 Medicinal Chemistry
CHM4311 Selected Topics in Inorganic Chemistry - Molecular Magnetism
CHM4318 Nanostructured Materials
CHM4380 Advanced Characterization Methods in Material Science and Catalysis
CHM4390 D Special Topics in Physical Chemistry - Environmental Radiochemistry
CHM4523/BPS4525 Chimie médicinale

Winter 2018

Course code Title
BCH2333 Introduction to Biochemistry
BCH2733 Introduction à la biochimie
BCH3120 General Intermediary Metabolism
BCH3125 Protein Structure and Function
BCH3346 Biochemistry Laboratory II
BCH3520 Métabolisme intermédiaire général
BCH3525 Structure et fonctions des protéines
BCH3746 Laboratoire de biochimie II
BCH4123 Pathological Biochemistry
BCH4124 Carbohydrate and Glycobiology
BCH4125 Celluar regulation and control
BCH4700 Sujets choisis en Biochimie
BIM4316 Modern Bioanalytical Chemistry
BPS1101 Drugs 101
BPS2510 Introduction aux sciences biopharmaceutiques
BPS4104 Bioinformatics Laboratory
BPS4126 Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry Laboratory
BPS4129 Advanced Chemical Biology
BPS4504 Laboratoire de bioinformatique
BPS4526 Laboratoire de chimie médicinale et synthèse organique
CHM1321 Organic Chemistry I
CHM1721 Chimie Organique I
CHM2311 Introduction to Structure and Bonding
CHM2330 Physical Chemistry: Introduction to the Molecular Properties of Matter
CHM2354 Analytical Chemistry
CHM2711 Introduction à la structure et aux liaisons
CHM2713 Chimie de l'environnement
CHM2730 Chimie physique : introduction aux propriétés moléculaires de la matière
CHM2754 Chimie analytique
CHM3126 Laboratory of Organic Chemistry
CHM3373 Molecular Spectroscopy and Statistical Mechanics
CHM3526 Laboratoire de chimie organique
CHM4155 Polymer and Applied Chemistry
CHM4328 Special Topics in Organic Chemistry - Carbohydrates and Glycobiology
CHM4328D Special Topics in Organic Chemistry - Transition Metal Catalyzed Reactions in Organic Synthesis
CHM4354 Principles of Instrumental Analysis
CHM4381 Photochemistry and Photobiology
CHM4390 C Special Topics in Physical Chemistry - Introduction to Molecular Simulation and Statistical Mechanics
CHM4555 La chimie appliquée et la chimie des polymères
CHM4754 Principes d'analyse instrumentale
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