New Milestone for a Medicinal Research

Posted on Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Discovered by Emeritus professors Tony Durst (Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences) and John Arnason (Biology), plant extracts containing active ingredients will undergo a clinical study to test their effectiveness in treating anxiety disorders.

Souroubea Botanicals Inc., authorized by Health Canada, will be conducting human efficacy and safety clinical trials for this natural product that can address anxiety and reduce cortisol levels in stressed individuals. This product is formed by extracting a mixture of two plant materials, the first originating from Costa Rica, and the second from southwestern Ontario. This discovery stemmed from a long-term joint research project between Professors Durst and Arnason, who were looking for plants with potential medicinal properties in Costa Rica.

With the Ethics Committee’s protocol approval, trials will be conducted at the Royal Ottawa Hospital. Souroubea Botanicals Inc. plans to begin testing next month, in the hopes of bringing this product to market within a year. Animal models have shown that the plant extracts can potentially treat post-traumatic stress and the company wishes to conduct efficacy trials in this for indication next year.

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