Jeffrey W. Keillor


Jeffrey W. Keillor
Full Professor

Room: DRO 310
Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 6314
Work E-mail:

Jeffrey W. KEILLOR


Research conducted in the Keillor Lab can be divided into two areas. The first touches on several aspects of enzymology – studying the detailed mechanisms by which enzymes function, synthesizing and testing inhibitors with therapeutic potential, and engineering enzymes for practical catalytic applications. The second area involves the development of methods for labelling specific proteins in living cells, for the subsequent study of their structure, localisation and trafficking. The methodology used in the Keillor Lab for both of these two lines of research comprises several different disciplines, including organic synthesis, molecular biology and the spectroscopy implicated in detailed kinetic studies.

Selected publications
  • Chabot, N., Moreau, S., Mulani, A., Moreau, P., Keillor, J.W. Fluorescent probes of tissue transglutaminase reveal its association with arterial stiffening. Chem. & Biol., 17, 1143-1150, 2010
  • Guy, J., Castonguay, R., Campos-Reales Piñeda, N.B., Jacquier, V., Caron, K., Michnick, S.W., Keillor, J.W. De novo helical peptides as target sequences for a specific, fluorogenic protein labelling strategy. Mol. BioSys., 6, 976-987, 2010
  • Pardin, C., Chica, R.A., Roy, I., Bonneil, E., Thibault, P., Lubell, W., Pelletier, J.N., Keillor, J.W. Photolabeling of tissue transglutaminase reveals binding mode of potent cinnamoyl inhibitors. Biochemistry, 48, 3346-3353, 2009
  • Pardin, C., Pelletier, J.N., Lubell, W.D., Keillor, J.W. Cinnamoyl inhibitors of tissue transglutaminase. J. Org. Chem., 73, 5766-5775, 2008
  • Keillor, J.W., Chica, R.A., Chabot, N., Vinci, V., Pardin, C., Fortin, E., Gillet, S.M.F.G., Nakano, Y., Kaartinen, M.T., Pelletier, J.N., Lubell, W.D. The bioorganic chemistry of transglutaminase: From mechanism to inhibition and engineering. Can. J. Chem., 86, 271-176, 2008

Fields of Interest

  • Chimie organique et biologique
  • Chimie bio-organique
  • Biologie chimique
  • Enzymologie
  • Chimie médicinale
  • Chimie physico-organique
  • Marquage protéique
  • Transglutaminase
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