About the discipline

Biochemists shed light on the structure of the complex molecules that make up all living organisms and on the impressive network of chemical processes that are the very essence of life.  Biochemists explore the molecular basis of diseases in order to correct deficiencies through genetic engineering and new pharmaceuticals.   As the foundation of the life sciences, biochemistry contributes more and more to the well-being of the world’s population and to society’s economic growth.

The Biochemistry program provides you with a solid grounding in biology, chemistry and molecular biology.  Throughout the course of your studies, you will have the opportunity to supplement your classroom learning with a significant amount of lab work.  Your time spent in the lab will allow you to become acquainted with specialized techniques and high-performance equipment, preparing you to move on to the fields of modern biochemistry: proteomics, genomics, molecular biology, genetic engineering, integrated metabolism, structural biochemistry, protein engineering and molecular modeling.  During your fourth year, you even have the opportunity to contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge by participating in cutting-edge research as you complete an 8-month long Honours Research Project with some of University of Ottawa’s leading researchers.

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