Graduate studies opportunities

The Biochemistry graduate program gives students the molecular fundamentals of life processes and appropriate research training at the MSc or PhD level.

Students can perform research in a variety of subjects, such as the analysis of detailed aspects of molecular structures and the study of the integration of metabolism in whole animal systems. This broad, basic background prepares students for careers in a number of different work environments: teaching and research in an academic setting; research and administration in the biotechnology or pharmaceutical industry; or health-related disciplines in the public or private sector.

The University of Ottawa offers exciting opportunities to pursue research in the following areas: animal models of human disease, bioenergetics and metabolism, cancer biology, developmental genetics, growth and development, host resistance, membrane proteins, molecular biology of plants, viruses, bacteria and parasites, molecular biopharming in transgenic plants, molecular genetics, molecular therapeutics, nanotechnology, neuromuscular disease, obesity, oral vaccines, physical biochemistry, protein chemistry, protein structure-function relationships, proteomics, RNA metabolism, signal transduction, structural biology.

Programs available


Degree Requirement

Minimum Average



Honours BSc in Biochemistry or equivalent




MSc in Life Sciences or equivalent



Program highlights

  • Second largest biochemistry program in Ontario;
  • Excellent financial support and travel opportunities;
  • Possibility for students to work in many research institutes within the nation’s capital affiliated with the University of Ottawa.

Funding policy

Students have the possibility to obtain a scholarship and to be a teaching assistant and to receive travel grants.

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