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Welcome to the undergraduate Biochemistry program at uOttawa! 

Christopher Boddy

Biochemistry is the original interdisciplinary life science, focussing on the chemical processes and biomolecules that are found within living organisms.  It is the study of life, at the molecular level, and where molecular level studies come to life! As such, it combines disciplines such as chemistry, molecular biology, microbiology, and cell biology. 

We offer a dynamic, modern undergraduate program that focuses on the fundamental biochemical knowledge required to understand the underlying basis of both normal physiology and disease states.  Our program includes extensive practical laboratory exposure in state-of-the-art facilities.  Biochemistry students develop skills in research, oral and written communication, and problem solving, among others, that are transferable to other disciplines and many different careers.  We offer several programs.  The Specialization program is focused on experimental Biochemistry and is intended for students interested in pursuing a career in research. Specialization students have the opportunity to conduct a full year Honour’s research project under the supervision of one of our many talented researchers.  We also offer both a Major and a Minor in Biochemistry, as well as a Biotechnology option, which leads to degrees in both Biochemistry and Chemical Engineering. 

The Biochemistry program is delivered by the Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences in the Faculty of Science.  This is a research-intensive department of more than 35 professors and boasts one of the strongest groups of researchers at the chemistry-biology interface in the country.  In addition to being world-class researchers, our faculty are outstanding and in many cases award-winning teachers, ensuring that students in the Biochemistry program receive the best hands-on and in-class training possible.

As we highly value the role of basic research in undergraduate education, the Biochemistry program provides a wealth of opportunities for students at all levels to become involved in research projects.  Students have access to over 100 potential research supervisors from the Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences department, the departments of Biology, and Physics, and researchers in the Faculty of Medicine and local institutes such as the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, the Heart Institute, and Health Canada. 

If you are a current student in the program, I know you will agree that you have made a great choice in joining our Biochemistry program.  If you are a prospective student, I welcome you to our website and encourage you to explore it.  Please feel to contact me or other professors in the Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences, should you require additional information.  Begin an exciting career in Biochemistry at the University of Ottawa.  Come and learn with us!

Christopher N. Boddy
Director, Biochemistry Undergraduate Program
Tel.: (613) 562-5800 ext. 8970
Email: bchchair@uottawa.ca or cboddy@uottawa.ca

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