Program of Studies

Undergraduate Studies

YEARS 1 and 2

The program provides students with an excellent background in chemistry and the biological sciences during the first two years.

YEARS 3 and 4

The final two years of the program are followed by a more concentrated study of either organic and biological chemistry, or genomics and molecular biology.

Two streams of specialization

Genomics Genomics
For students interested in the biochemical and biological aspects of cell functions and diseases, gene functions, proteomics and bioinformatics.
Suggested course sequence

Medicinal Chemistry Medicinal Chemistry
For students attracted to organic and biological chemistry; designing, synthesizing, evaluating and developing pharmaceuticals.
Suggested course sequence

CO-OP option

This Option can be a very valuable for any student in the Honours Biopharmaceutical Sciences Program.

COOP students take five years to complete the Honours BPS program. The additional year required to graduate should not be considered a negative thing, but one in which considerable experience and maturity is gained. During the four four-month work terms a student can expect to be exposed to many different experiences and challenges. These can make the student more competitive upon graduation whether for graduate placements and scholarships, admission to a variety of professional programs or when applying for employment.


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Graduate Studies

Typically more than seventy-five percent of BPS graduates continue advanced studies in graduate or professional schools.

Graduate studies are strongly recommended for those intending to pursue a career in research in the broad field of health sciences ranging from cancer research, to biochemistry and biology or synthetic and medicinal organic chemistry. Visit the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies now!

Many BPS graduates are admitted to professional school such as Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary, Science, Law or Education.

Those who enter the work force upon graduation tend to join companies dealing with biological and chemical sciences or find employment with the public service.

Katarina Vulic

Katarina Vulic

3rd year Medicinal Chemistry Student and
Gee-Gees Women's Soccer Goalkeeper

... "I find BPS is a versatile program that is unique and covers many aspects of science. My first two years of BPS gave me a multidisciplinary background. Upon starting my third year, I was given the option to concentrate my studies in Genomics or Medicinal Chemistry. I chose the Medicinal Chemistry program because I enjoy the chemistry side of drug design and research. I am happy to be part of the BPS program and would recommend it to any student interested in studying science."

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