Welcome from the Director

Robert N. BEN

The BSc with Honours Biopharmaceutical Sciences Program was created in 1999 as an interdisciplinary program in the area of health related sciences. It involves studying disciplines ranging from chemistry, biochemistry, biology and pharmacology. It has grown quite spectacularly and now has a total enrolment of more than 500 students in the four years of the program. As pointed out on the homepage of our web site, this program is still unique in Canada.

A strength of the program is its interdisciplinarity but also the two major options (Genomics and Medicinal Chemistry) that are open to students after they have completed their second year of studies. Furthermore, students can choose courses within these options such that often their senior year is almost a personalized one.

The BPS program relies mainly on the professors and graduate students in three outstanding departments, namely Chemistry, Biology and Biochemistry, to deliver the majority of its science courses. Professors in these departments also provide research opportunities for students both during the summers and for the Honours Research projects that many students carry out in their final year. This breadth of opportunity, both academically and in research, makes BPS an exciting choice as an undergraduate program.

The true strength of the BPS program lies in the quality of student that it attracts. One measure is the success of its graduates both in research as MSc and PhD students in science and medicine and in acceptances into professional programs such as Medicine, Law and, Education. We have provided comments from a number of them in the alumni testimonial web page.

I hope that you will find useful and informative material on this web site. We are always pleased to supply additional information either in writing, via telephone or in person.

Robert Ben,
Honours Biopharmaceutical Sciences Program
D'Iorio Hall
Room 408
Ottawa ON
K1N 6N5

Telephone: 613-562-5800, extension 6321

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