Welcome to the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

The mission of Earth and Environmental Sciences at uOttawa is built on our strengths in research that span from the tectonic processes shaping the deep crust up to the Critical Zone where human activities intersect with the earth’s near surface, its climate and its ecosystems. Through collaborations with other departments, with industry and with government, we investigate and educate about the geological and environmental issues and the challenges impacting society in Canada and globally. These include natural hazards, sustainable stewardship of mineral and energy resources, water and soil pollution, ecosystems and climate. Through training in our world-class research laboratories and field schools, we provide a diverse curriculum comprising small class size, access to professors and graduate students, mentoring and job training. We aim to prepare our graduates go on to careers in the environmental and resource industries, government research and policy, graduate programs and teaching.

We offer undergraduate programs leading to Bachelor of Science (BSc) degrees, as well as Master of Science (MSc) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees in Earth Sciences. Undergraduate programs are structured to allow students to obtain professional accreditations in many provinces and to enjoy careers in the minerals, energy or environmental sectors. Together with the Department of Biology, we also offer a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Environmental Science.


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