Teaching Microscopy Laboratory

The departmental microscopy laboratory was established in 2005 with generous donations from our alumni, members of the Department and the Carsen Group (Canadian distributor of Olympus microscopes). This state-of-the-art laboratory is the principal teaching facility in the undergraduate Earth science programs at the University, and also supports the research needs of graduate students and professors in the Department.

The lab is equipped with 17 Olympus BX41 binocular polarizing microscopes that are equipped for both transmitted and reflected-light observation and one Olympus BX51 microscope for the instructor that is connected to a permantly-mounted digital projector for live demonstrations to the entire class. In addition, the lab also includes one extra Olympus BX41 microscope and one Olympus SZ61 wide-view polarizing stereoscope that are equipped with QImaging digital photomicrographic heads. Imaging acquisition on these units is done with the Image-Pro software package.

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