Mark Hannington


Mark Hannington
Full Professor

BSc: Queens University, 1983
MSc: University of Toronto, 1986
PhD: University of Toronto, 1989

Room: ARC 415
Office: 613-562-5292
Work E-mail:



Dr. Hannington’s research combines the study of active volcanoes on the ocean floor, and associated metal-depositing hot springs (“black smoker vents”), with research on ancient volcanic environments that host many of the world’s largest and most valuable mineral deposits on land. Dr. Hannington was the chief editor of the international research journal Economic Geology from 2001-08, the leading journal in the geosciences applied to mineral deposits.

Fields of Interest

  • Géologie économique
  • Volcans sous-marins
  • Gisements de minerai
  • Géologie marine
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