Olivier Nadeau


Olivier Nadeau
Replacement Professor

BSc, Université du Québec à Montréal (2004)
PhD, McGill University (2011)

Room: STM 451
Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 6461
Work E-mail: onadeau@uOttawa.ca

Olivier Nadeau


I am interested in the role of fluids and the behaviour of metals in the evolution of magmas, volcanoes and ore deposits. Using petrology, mineralogy and geochemistry, I study ‘extinct but mineralized’ hydrothermal deposits and metasomatized rocks as well as ‘active but barren’ hydrothermal systems.

Selected Publications

  • Nadeau, O., 2015. Ore metals beneath volcanoes. Nature Geoscience 8, 168-170
  •  Nadeau, O., Cayer, A., Pelletier, M., Stevenson, R., Jébrak, M., 2015. The Paleoproterozoic Montviel carbonatite-hosted REE–Nb deposit, Abitibi, Canada: Geology, mineralogy, geochemistry and genesis. Ore Geology Reviews 67, 314-335
  • Nadeau, O., Stevenson, R., Jébrak, M., 2014. The Archean magmatic-hydrothermal system of Lac Shortt (Au, REE), Abitibi, Canada: Insights from carbonate fingerprinting. Chemical Geology 387, 144-156.
  • Nadeau, O., Williams-Jones, A.E., Stix, J., 2013. The Behaviour of Copper, Zinc and Lead during Magmatic-Hydrothermal Activity at Merapi Volcano, Indonesia. Chemical Geology 342, 167-179.
  • Nadeau, O., Williams-Jones, A. E., Stix, J., 2010. Sulfide magma as a source of metals in arc-related magmatic hydrothermal ore fluids. Nature Geoscience 3, 501-505.

Fields of Interest

  • Economic Geology
  • Ore deposits
  • Volcanoes
  • Arc and orogenic magmatism and hydrothermalism
  • Calc-alkaline and alkaline magmas and fluids
  • Magmatic-hydrothermal transition
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