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The environmental science program (EVS) at the University of Ottawa is an undergraduate interdisciplinary honours program offered through the Faculty of Science in both French and English. The EVS program has attracted hundreds of students since its creation in 1997. We currently have around 100 students enrolled in the B.Sc. Honours EVS program. Our coop option is also very successful and popular with students. The Ottawa area is host to several governmental institutions which welcome our students every year.

The EVS program is first and foremost the study of natural systems, of resource use and development, of the migration of contaminants in the environment and of their impact on the ecosystem as a whole. Our program will give you a solid grounding in biology, chemistry, earth sciences and thanks to a range of multidisciplinary courses, a keen understanding of the scientific and social aspects of environmental problems. Field and lab work will allow you to hone your critical and analytical skills.

The EVS program is accredited by ECO Canada, the national organization whose mission is to promote the competence and the excellence of academic programs, the environmental careers, and recognition of the professional expertise of environment workers. "ECO Canada provides resources to help individuals learn about, train for, and find environmental careers." This additional asset to the EVS program will help you plan an exciting career after your graduation.

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Welcome from the Director

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Environmental issues make headlines daily in newspapers across Canada and abroad: oil spills, air and water pollution, species at risk, to only name a few examples. In addition, citizens of western countries say they are increasingly concerned about the environment.


First of all we need well-trained environmental scientists who can understand, analyze, and find solutions to these pressing problems. To train such scientists is exactly the goal of our Program in Environmental Sciences (EVS) at the University of Ottawa. This interdisciplinary program includes a wide variety of courses in chemistry, biology, and earth sciences, along with specific EVS courses, all designed to provide a solid understanding of what the environment is and to train in the scientific method. Laboratory and field work are also an integral part of the EVS program.


We want our students to be able of analyzing environmental problems in all their complexity by developing:

  • a solid knowledge of basic science including theory and practical experience in the laboratory and in the field;
  • an appreciation of the social and legal context of environmental problems;
  • the ability to do the analysis, synthesis and critic of an environmental problem from existing data;
  • the ability to communicate effectively in written and spoken;
  • practical experience in environment.


Students can define their specific interests early in the program thanks to our three streams: conservation and biodiversityglobal change, and environmental geochemistry and ecotoxicology. Given the wide range of research being conducted in the Faculty of Science, our professors can offer courses related to all streams, along with undergraduate research projects.


Our coop option provides students with relevant work experience in several governmental and non-governmental institutions, mostly around Ottawa. We admit approximately 20-30 students each year in our program. They all receive an education centered on environmental sciences rather than focused on a single academic discipline, such as biology, chemistry or earth sciences.

If you wish to know more about our exciting Program in Environmental Sciences, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Danielle Fortin
Director, Environmental Science Program
25 Templeton St.
Ottawa ON Canada K1N 6N5
Telephone: 613-562-5800 extension 6423
Fax: 613-562-5192

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