2019 Alumni Awards of Excellence

Emlyn Koster, Dean Louis Barriault and Patrick Nadeau

2019 Alumni Award of Excellence

Emlyn Koster (PhD 1977 - Geology)

Emlyn Koster emigrated from the UK after a meeting there with Prof. Brian Rust, his uOttawa PhD supervisor. Joining him to better understand how glacial meltwater transports boulder-sized sediment, fieldwork in Yukon’s St. Elias Mountains was followed by laboratory simulation work at the Geological Survey of Canada.

His postdoctoral career evolved as several phases. The first decade was in faculty positions at Concordia University and the University of Saskatchewan, and then in leading Prairie coal exploration for the Alberta Research Council. It was research at a UNESCO World Heritage Site that turned his attention to engaging the public in science. In 1997, at the Ottawa Congress Centre, his presidential address to the 50th Annual meeting of the Geological Association of Canada was titled ‘The human journey and the evolving museum’. During the next three decades, as concerns mounted about human disruption of the Earth System, science and nature museums became his focus. With CEO appointments, he launched operations at Alberta’s Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology, renewed and expanded the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto and Liberty Science Center next to lower Manhattan, and advanced the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences with White House recognition and to international prominence. During this phase, his advisory roles included the Getty Leadership Institute, his board roles included the Challenger Center for Space Science Education, and his awards included a Humanitarian of the Year Award from the American Conference of Diversity.

Today, with UK, Canadian and US citizenships and as a geologist, a museologist and a humanist, his transdisciplinary approach views nature and culture as interdependent. His publications and presentations, including the ones to the United Nations, infuse the largest challenges that confront the Earth and all of its life. He advocates that the Anthropocene – the geological and anthropological term for this time in Earth history to emphasize human disruption of natural systems and provide an evolutionary context for the human journey – should drive our collective conscience. He reflects on his uOttawa and National Capital experiences as catalysts to his eclectic interests and global outlook.

2019 Young Alumni Award of Excellence

Patrick Nadeau ( BSc 2004 - Biology)

Patrick Nadeau holds a BSc in Biology (Summa Cum Laude) from the University of Ottawa as a Loran Scholar and a MSc in Forest Science from the University of British Columbia.

After his university studies, his curiosity led him to explore diverse roles abroad: from the United Nations Environment Program in Kenya to the marine conservation work in the Philippines.

Since then, he has worked for more than a decade in the non-governmental organization sector to advance conservation and environmental policy issues, most recently as the Executive Director of Ottawa Riverkeeper.

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