Awards and recognitions for support staff

Faculty of Science Awards

Award of Excellence for Support Staff

Years Names
2021 Janick Rainville
2020 Jasmine Lefebvre
2019 Brigitte Charbonneau
2018 Carolynne Roy
2017 Alexandre Jablonski
2016 Peter Heinermann
2015 Dave Armstrong
2014 Robert Nadon
2013 Michelle Lukaszczyk
2012 Paul Middlestead
2011 Tina Michaud-Barnes & Joseph Khoury
2010 Huguette Allard & Roch Thibault
2009 Nathalie Bourassa & Daniel Lafleur
2008 Yvon Legault & Glenn Facey
2007 France Goulet & Chantal Giroux
2006 Ian Myers & Yves Genest
2005 Doreen Smith & Daniel Émard
2004 Lise Bélanger & Mario Savage

Outstanding Contribution to the Student Experience Award

Years Names
2021 Nathalie Bourassa, Christian Prud’homme and Wendy Pell
2020 Fabien Avaron
2019 Louise Labelle
2018 Marc Phillion
2017 Joanne Benoit
2016 Joseph Khoury
2015 Julie Lamothe
2014 John Basso

University of Ottawa Awards

University of Ottawa Award of Excellence for Support Staff

Years Recipients
2011 Tina Michaud-Barnes, Academic Advisor
2008 Nathalie Bourassa, Ecology and Data Analysis Technician, Department of Biology
2007 Yvon Legault, Liaison and Public Relations Officer
2007 Michelle Lukaszczyk, Assistant to the Director, Department of Mathematics and Statistics

University of Ottawa President's Awards for Service Excellence

Years Recipients
2017 Undergraduate Studies Office, Team award
2013 Glenn A. Facey - NMR Facility Manager, Individual Award
2006 Biochemistry team for the undergraduate program, Team Award
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