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The Faculty of Science brings together some of the best minds in the world and provides them with the specialized technology they need to make life-changing discoveries. Curious, inventive and never satisfied with the status quo, our faculty members probe the mysteries of science and turn their discoveries into advances in fields such as medicine, telecommunications and green chemistry. Outside the lab, many of our professors undertake field research across Canada and around the world.

Your support will enable our faculty, students and staff to defy the conventional, and find game changing solutions to the challenges Canada will face in the next decade.

Join us in strengthening our teaching, our research and our service.

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Contact Information

Heather Howes
Director, Stakeholder Engagement (STEM)
Email: Heather.Howes@uOttawa.ca
Tel. : (613) 617-4561

Julia Canning
Manager, Faculty Development (STEM)
Email: Julia.Canning@uOttawa.ca
Tel. : (343) 996-1315

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