Early-career researcher is making (structured quantum) waves at home and internationally

Professor Ebrahim Karimi receiving his award

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Ebrahim Karimi

Department of Physics

Award and Honour: Title of MPL Visiting Fellows and the University of Ottawa Early Career Researcher of the Year Award 2019

The University of Ottawa is among the best Canadian universities in terms of research intensity. This is undoubtedly due to skilled and driven professors like Ebrahim Karimi, who continue to push the boundaries in their field of study. Professor Karimi has earned two honorable titles this past academic year, which reflect his esteemed work in physics.

First, Prof. Karimi received the University of Ottawa Early Career Researcher of the Year Award in recognition of his research excellence and originality. Prof. Karimi’s research is recognized by his peers around the world and has earned him an impressive number of academic distinctions early in his career. In addition, his publication records are truly extraordinary given his early career stage. Such an award is impactful for his research career as it facilitates future research grants and financial support for his ‘Structured Quantum Optics’ (SQO) research group.

In addition, Prof. Karimi was conferred the title of Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light (MPL) Visiting Fellow. This award reflects his major contributions to the development of the science of light and the applications of structured quantum waves in modern technologies. This prestigious recognition highlights the successful research activities taken place at the University of Ottawa and therefore bring considerable visibility to our institution. Professor Karimi believes that this award will facilitate collaborations across the institutions, including between the SQO group in Ottawa and the MPL in Germany. He mentions that “establishing this collaborative environment will help to exchange ideas, experiences and skills, which will eventually lead to flourishing science and cutting-edge innovation on both sides.”

Professor Ebrahim Karimi has much to be proud of, but also much to look forward to. His next goal is to contribute to future technological advances such as ultra-secure communication and new imaging techniques.

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