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The Faculty of Science is committed to entrepreneurship, either through activities, training, programs, or support of ideas and initiatives from its students, staff or professors. Central to our vision is that scientists and staff with entrepreneurship skills are in high demand.

If you are interested in entrepreneurship and want to pursue on that path, explore the ecosystem of programs, events and resources available both within and outside the Faculty of Science.


Science Entrepreneurship Option

The new Science Entrepreneurship Option is an academic component for students who want to learn about entrepreneurship as part of their science based curriculum.

The 15-unit (five course) option can be incorporated into a Honours BSc program and provides an introduction to business management, new venture creation and entrepreneurship. It also includes a course on creativity and innovation, and a fourth year capstone course specifically dealing with commercializing a scientific product.

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Entrepreneurship Attracts Science Students

On November 18, 2019, the Faculty of science held its inaugural workshop on entrepreneurship. The event called “Entrepreneurship… in Science?!” attracted more than 60 students, professors and members of the University community. It highlighted the dynamic nature of the Faculty of Science within the university, where plenty of innovation, collaboration and start-ups are being established; the result of the impressive scientific output of its researchers and the ambition of its students.

Our Team

Faculty Research Advisors are there to support researchers in their quests for research funding. They accomplish this by reviewing proposals, interpreting and understanding funding programs, and providing strategic advice to researchers regarding these. Research advisors also support researchers in navigating partnership grants and other Ontario / Canadian programs that support innovation, technology development and commercialization.

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