Computer labs for students

The Faculty of Science maintains - for its students, - about 100 computers. These machines run applications, such as the Microsoft and Matlab. Students also benefit from the use of very specialized applications such as SPSS, ChemDraw, Maple, ArcGIS to name a few.

Login accounts and passwords are mandatory. You do not need to ask for an account since it’s the one you already use for your email account.  (Google Apps)

To reset your password, follow the instructions.

These labs are available to Faculty of Science students except when courses are scheduled.  Please consult the timetable posted at the door.  

For assistance, please complete a Service Desk request.

Hours of Operation

Montpetit Hall (125 University)

Rooms 141 and 142

All students in Faculty of Science

7 a.m. - 11 p.m.

Students wishing to stay after doors are locked are welcome to do so and may stay as long as they like.

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