A Game-Changing Discovery District

STEM building

The striking new STEM building is scheduled to open in 2018. It will bring students and researchers from the faculties of Science and Engineering under one roof, together with players who can help commercialize promising new technology.

There will be new lab space for some of our most visionary and creative researchers in physics, mathematics, hydraulics, and other fields, as well as high-tech classrooms, teaching labs and unstructured spaces for students to work on projects.

Inside of future STEM building

The STEM (Science, Technology Engineering and Math) complex will support startups and businesses that are scaling up and give students the opportunity to solve real-world problems for business or community partners.

The ground floor of the STEM will be uOttawa’s base camp for innovation, the place where students can prepare themselves reach the summit, which we define as bringing their ideas to life.

It will host a creative learning centre on the second floor run by and for science students. This will be an open-concept space where students can gather to work out problems on whiteboards or glass walls. It will be adjacent to a help centre where geology students can get maps, and chemistry or biology students can rent molecular models.

For science students now scattered across the campus, the new STEM complex will be a place to call home.

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