• Hardware upgrades: Hardware upgrades, whether desktop computer or server, can be a large investment of IT budget and other resources. With often limitless upgrade options available it is difficult for a non-IT professional to decide what is the best path for upgrades in order to best utilize the IT resources available. Have a professional assist in upgrade planning and implementation to ensure a seamless transition for your IT services.
  • Network infrastructure/security audits and modifications: An unmanaged network can lead to significant problems such as security issues, equipment failure or lack of redundancy. Data and network services/security are fundamental to business. We can recommend network/security changes to secure your IT resources and provide peace of mind for you.
  • Software installations, upgrades and migrations: Software changes that aren’t planned and implemented correctly can cause serious IT service downtime which will result in lost of productivity and long lasting IT problems.
  • New lab network design and implementation: If you’re moving into a new lab or simply want us to validate your network, it is best to build your network correctly and securely. Properly planning and implementing a new network will reduce headaches in the future.
  • Disaster recovery planning: Disaster recovery planning is crucial when trying to mitigate the negative effects of a disaster to your research group or service. A disaster could range anywhere from a critical server failure resulting in loss of data to a disaster on premises that causes equipment damage or loss. You can help ensure data resiliency by being prepared for any type of disaster.
  • More: The area of IT is ever expanding such that creating a complete list of services is impossible. The needs of individual groups can vary significantly. If you are unsure of how to proceed with anything IT related please contact us to find out how our IT consultation can help.
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