Professor "rocks" beyond educating

Posted on Monday, September 24, 2018

Adam Brown in the studio with Richard Reed Parry

Adam Oliver Brown backstage with Richard Reed Parry

Adam Oliver Brown is featured as a musician on Richard Reed Parry's new album that was released on September 21. Richard is a multiple award winning artist (Grammy, Juno, Polaris prizes) and a core member of the internationally-acclaimed rock band Arcade Fire.

This activity is obviously not tangential to his role as a researcher and professor at uOttawa but it shows that the members of our uOttawa community often lead rich and exciting lives that are not simply bound by their academic profiles. A message that is occasionally lost on our students and profs, as they engage so intensely in their studies that there is often a sacrifice of other activities that are important to leading well-rounded lives both in and out of academia.

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