Courses offered in Biology

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Summer 2018

Campus CU Code UO Code Name Instructor


BIOL 5502Q

BIO 8102

Special Topic: Advanced Analytical Toxicology

Mon-Fri 14:05-16:55 / May 8-19

Email for permission to register:

Dr. L Chan


BIOL 5502L

BIO 8102 L00

Special Topic: Metabolic phenotyping in animal physiology

Dr. C Darveau



NSC 8104 X00

Computational neuroscience Summer School

Dr. John Lewis

Fall 2018/Winter 2019

These courses can be spread over many sessions.

Campus CU Code UO Code Name Instructor Term
CU/UO BIOL 5909 (F) / BIOL 5909 (W) THM7999 M.Sc. Thesis   F/W
CU/UO BIOL6909 (F) / BIOL6909 (W) THD9999 Ph.D. Thesis   F/W
UO   BIO 9998 Comprehensive Exam   F/W
UO   BIO 5900 M.Sc. Seminar   F/W
UO   BIO 8900 Ph.D. Seminar   F/W

Fall 2018

Campus CU Code UO Code Name Instructor


BIOL 5502

BIO 8102 R

Special Topic: Epigenetics

J. Mennigen


BIOL 5502

BIO 8102 K

Special Topic: Toxicology and Regulation

L. Chan



CMM 5304

Advanced Topics in Animal Development

M-A Akimenko



EVD 5121

Foundations of Environmental Science

F. Pick


BIOL 5502

BIO8102 B

Applied Biostatistics

(Cross-listed with BIO 4158)

H. Rundle


BIOL 5402

BIO 8162 A

Advanced Comparative Endocrinology (cross-listed with BIO 4127)

V Trudeau


BIOL 5502J

BIO 8102 E

Special Topic: Molecular Methods

weeks of July 30 and August 6

email for permission to register:

M Ekker


BIOL 5515 O

BNF 5106


S. Aris-Brosou


BIOL 5502

BIO 8102 L00

Special Topic: Statistical Thinking

X. Xia


BIOL 6405

TOX 9105

Seminar in Toxicology

J Blais


BIOL 5105 F

BIO 5302 I

Methods in Molecular Genetics

A. Golshani




BIOL 6402 F

TOX 8156 I

Principles of Toxicology

D. Miller

Winter 2019

Campus CU Code UO Code Name Instructor
UO   EVD 5123 Evidence Synthesis Evaluation S. Findlay
UO BIOL 5502 BIO8102 D Special Topics: Animal Energetics (cross-listed with BIO 4152) J-M Weber
UO BIOL 5502 BIO8102 E Special Topics: Ethnopharmacology C. Harris
UO BIOL 5517W BNF 6100 Bioinformatics Seminar S. Aris-Brosou
UO BIOL 6505P BIO 8108 Advanced Topics in Development M-A Akimenko
UO BIOL 5203P BIO 8303 Advanced Microscopy T. Bui
UO BIOL 5502Y BIO 8102 H Special Topic: Bioinformatics Laboratory (cross-listed BPS 4104) X. Xia
UO BIOL 5502I BIO 8102 S Special Topic: Spatial Ecology J. Kerr
CU BIOL 5106 W BIO 5308 I Lab. Tech in Molecular Genetics O. Rowland
CU BIOL 5201 W BIO 8301 I Evolutionary Bioinformatics N. Rodrigue
CU BIOL 5502 W BIO 8120 I Ecological Parasitology M. Forbes
CU BIOL 5709 W BIO 8113 I Chemical Toxicology D. Miller
CU BIOL 6404 BIO 8938 I Genetic Toxicology I. Lambert


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