Courses offered in Earth Sciences

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Fall 2017/Winter 2018

These courses are spread over two sessions or more.

Campus CU Code UO Code Name Instructor Term
UO ERTH 5909 GEO 7999 M.Sc. Thesis   F/W/S
UO ERTH 6909 GEO9999 Ph.D. Thesis   F/W/S
UO ERTH 6908 GEO9998 Qualifying Exam   F/W/S

Fall 2017

Campus CU Code UO Code Name Instructor
UO ERTH5301 O GEO5131 Siliciclastic Sedimentology Arnott
UO ERTH5501 O GEO5151 Precambrian Geology O'Neil
UO ERTH5503 O GEO5153 A Comp. Techn. In the Earth Sciences Daneshfar
UO ERTH5609 O GEO5169 Radioisotope Geochemistry Cornett
UO ERTH5206 O GEO5306 Hydrothermal Ore Deposits Hannington
CU ERTH5701 F GEO5171 Sec. I Physics of the Earth Ranalli

Winter 2018

Campus CU Code UO Code Name Instructor
UO ERTH5204 P GEO5124 Geology & Geochemistry ore deposit Hattori
UO   GEO5143 Env. Isotopes Groundwater Geoc. Clark
UO ERTH5407 P GEO5147 Geochemitry of Natural Waters Al
UO ERTH5503 P GEO5153 B Comp. Techn. in the Earth Science  
UO ERTH5903 P GEO5193 B Field Studies (New Mexico) Desrochers
CU ERTH5215 W / ERTH5115   Natural Hazards in Canada - Risk and Impact Samson
CU ERTH5306 GEO5136 Sec. I Paleobiology (Bahamas Field Trip) Patterson
CU ERTH5307 W GEO5294 Sec. I Evolutionary Development Paleobiology Maddin
CU ERTH5903 W   Field Study (Morocco) Cousens/Ernst
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