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Fall 2019/Winter 2020

These courses are spread over two sessions.

Campus UO Code CU Code Title Professor Term
UO MAT 6997 MATH 5910 M.Sc. Project   F/W
UO MAT 7999 MATH 5909 M.Sc. Thesis   F/W
UO MAT 9999 MATH 6909 Ph.D. Thesis   F/W

Fall 2019

Campus UO Code CU Code Title Cross-listed Professor
UO MAT 5105 A MATH 5818 O Discrete Applied Mathematics I: Graph Theory MAT 4348 A Mike Newman
UO MAT 5125 A MATH 5007 O Real Analysis I (Measure theory and integration) MAT 4125 A Vadim Kaimanovich
UO MAT 5143 A MATH 5104 O Lie Algebras MAT 4142 A David Handelman
UO MAT 5190 A STAT 5600 O Mathematics Statistics I   Chen Xu
UO MAT 5314 A MATH 6507 O Topics in Probability and Statistics: Bayesian Analysis MAT 4376 A Mayer Alvo
UO MAT 5314 E MATH 6507 P Topics in Probability and Statistics: Techniques of Data Analysis MAT 4376 E Patrick Boily
UO MAT 5317 A STAT 5602 O Analysis of Categorical Data MAT 4378 A Gilles Lamothe
UO MAT 5327 B MATH 6101 Topics in Algebra: Algebraic Theory of Quadratic form MAT 4995 B Kirill Zaynullin
UO MAT 5331 C MATH 6103 Topics in Algebra: Algebraic Techniques in Quantum Information MAT 4995 C Hadi Salmasian
UO MAT 5375 A STAT 5610 O Mathematical Statistics MAT 4175 A Kelly Burket
CU MAT 5131 I MATH 5405 F Ordinary Differential Equations   D. Amundsen
CU MAT 5141 I MATH 5107 F Algebra I    
CU MAT 5151 I MATH 5205 F Topology I MATH 4205 A W. Jaworski
CU MAT 5160 I MATH 5300 F Mathematical cryptography MATH 4809 A C. Ingalls
CU MAT 5165 I MATH 5605 F Theory of Automata MATH 4805 A B. Stevens
CU MAT 5170 I STAT 5708 F Probability Theory I   M. Ould-Haye
CU MAT 5174 I STAT 5704 F Network Performance   G. Shaikhet
CU MAT 5180 I MATH 5806 F Numerical Analysis MATH 4816 A E. Lorin
CU MAT 5193 I STAT 5503 F Linear Models   S. Cai
CU MAT 5194 I STAT 5504 F Stochastic Process and Time Series Analysis STAT 4603 A M. Ould-Haye
CU MAT 5196 I STAT 5509 F Multivariate Analysis STAT 4503 A S. Cai
CU MAT 5327 I MATH 6101 F Topics in Algebra: Fields and Coding Theory MATH 4109 A S. Wang
CU MAT 5330 I MATH 6101 G Topics in Algebra: Difference Sets   S. Alaca
CU MAT 5992 I STAT 5902 F Seminar in Biostatistics   S. Sinha

Winter 2020

Campus UO Code CU Code Title Cross-listed Professor
UO MAT 5133 A MATH 5406 P Partial Differential Equation   Arian Novruzi
UO MAT 5142 A MATH 5109 P Algebra II MAT 4143 A David Handelman
UO MAT 5152 A MATH 5206 P Topology II MAT 4157 A Paul-Eugene Parent
UO MAT 5161 A MAT 5301 P Mathematical Logic MAT 4162 A Pieter Hofstra
UO MAT 5171 A STAT 5709 P Probability Theory II MAT 4171 A Raluca Balan
UO MAT 5182 A STAT 5702 P Modern Applied and Computational Statistics MAT 4374 A Gilles Lamothe
UO MAT 5187 B MATH 5403 Topics in Applied Mathematics: Bifurcation Theory MAT 4996 B Victor LeBlanc
UO MAT 5313 B MATH 6507 Topics in Probability and Statistics:  Mathematical Genomic MAT 4377 B D. Sankoff
UO MAT 5314 B MATH 6507 Q Topics in Probability and Statistics: High Dimensional Data Analysis MAT4376 B Chen Xu
UO MAT 5314 C MATH 6507 R Topics in Probability and Statistics: Machine Learning MAT 4373 C Tanya Schmah
UO MAT 5341 A MATH 5821 P Quantum Computing MAT 4995 A A. Broadbent
UO MAT 5714 D MATH 6508 Probabilités et statistique : Chapitres choisis : Algorithmes de l’évolution génomique MAT 4776 D D. Sankoff
CU MAT 5107 I MATH 5819 W Discrete Applied Mathematics II: Combinatorial Enumeration   J. Gao
CU MAT 5126 I MATH 5008 W Real Analysis II MATH 4003 A W. Jaworski
CU MAT 5134 I MATH 5407 W Topics in Partial Differential Equations MATH 4701 A E. Lorin
CU MAT 5145 I MATH 5106 W Group Theory MATH 4106 A I. Bumagin
CU MAT 5164 I MATH 5306 W Algebraic Number Theory MATH 4306 A S. Alaca
CU MAT 5181 I STAT 5703 W Data Mining I STAT 4601 A S. Mills
CU MAT 5191 I STAT  5501 W Mathematical Statistics II STAT 4507 A N. Stepanova
CU MAT 5198 I STAT 5701 W Stochastic Models STAT 4508 A Y. Zhao
CU MAT 5303 I MATH 5801 W Linear Optimization   K. Cheung
CU MAT 5317 I STAT 5602 W Analysis of Categorical Data   P. Farrell
CU MAT 5318 I STAT 5603 W Reliability and Survival Analysis   S. Cai
CU MAT 5324 I MATH 5607 W Game Theory MATH 4807 A B. Stevens
CU MAT 5990 I MATH 5900 W Dynamical Systems on Metric Spaces MATH 4907 E C. Starling
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