Courses offered in Mathematics and Statistics

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Fall 2018/Winter 2019

These courses are spread over two sessions.

Campus UO Code CU Code Name Instructor Term
UO MAT 6997 MATH 5910 M.Sc. Project   F/W
UO MAT 7999 MATH 5909 M.Sc. Thesis   F/W
UO MAT 9999 MATH 6909 Ph.D. Thesis   F/W

Winter 2019

Campus UO Code CU Code Name Cross-listed Instructor
UO MAT 5107A MATH 5819 Discrete Applied Mathematics II: Combinatorial Enumeration MAT 4199C M. Sajna
UO MAT 5126A MATH 5008 Real Analysis II MAT 4124A D. Handelman
UO MAT 5149A MATH 5002 Algebraic Geometry MAT 4154A K. Zaynullin
UO MAT 5158A MATH 6104 Lie Groups MAT 4144A H. Salmasian
UO MAT 5160A MATH 5300 Mathematical Cryptography MAT 4199A G. Walsh
UO MAT 5173A STAT 5604 Stochastic Analysis MAT 4377A R. Balan
UO MAT 5191A STAT  5501 Mathematical Statistics II   M. Nasari
UO MAT 5314B MATH 6508 Topics in Probability and Statistics: High Dimensional Data Analysis MAT 4376B C. Xu
UO MAT 5314C MATH 6508 Topics in Probability and Statistics: Statistical Machine Learning MAT 4376C M. Fraser
CU MAT 5133I MATH 5406  Partial Differential Equation    
CU MAT 5142I MATH 5109 Algebra II    
CU MAT 5143I MATH 5104 Lie Algebras    
CU MAT 5152I MATH 5206  Topology II MATH 4206  
CU MAT 5163I MATH 5305 Analytic Number Theory MATH 4305  
CU MAT 5171I STAT 5709  Probability Theory II    
CU MAT 5175I STAT 5506 Robust Statistical Inference    
CU MAT 5192I STAT 5502 Sampling Theory and Methods    
CU MAT 5301I MATH 5609 Topics in Combinatorial Mathematics MATH 4801  
CU MAT 5341I MATH 5821 Quantum Computing MATH 4821  
CU MAT 5343I MATH 5822 Mathematical Aspects of Wavelets and Digital Signal Processing MATH 4822  
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