Teaching Assistantships

Important notice for possible applicants
InformationAvailable positions will be posted online.

General Information

You may make a general application at your home department. The type of applications are:

  • Teaching Assistant/Demonstrator/Lab Monitor

Shall be defined as a student hired to assist in the presentation or delivery of a course or to demonstrate, supervise, and/or monitor a laboratory or class and who may perform any or a combination of duties including but not limited to: teaching, correcting, demonstrating, monitoring labs, conducting discussion groups or problem sessions, consulting with individual students, proctoring and tutoring.

  • Tutor

Shall be defined as a student hired to consult, conduct one or more remedial tutorial sessions or tutor individual students.

  • Corrector (Marker)

Shall be defined as a student hired to perform duties related to marking and grading of students' work.

  • Proctor

Shall be defined as a student hired to invigilate during an examination, and when required, to perform other related duties including but not limited to bringing exams to the examination room, distributing exams to students, collecting exams at the end of the examination, placing the exams in order, supervising other proctors, and delivering the completed exams to the appropriate place.

Processing of salary contracts

If the file is complete, a minimum of 3 weeks is required in order to receive a first instalment.

New students

Incoming graduate students who received an offer of financial support must see the Administrative Officer of his/her department in order to activate their teaching assistantship or other contract(s). The following steps must be completed prior to sending the contract to Human Resources.

Canadians/Permanent Residents/Landed Immigrant

  • Must arrive one week prior to beginning of classes;
  • Must be registered;
  • A copy of your Permanent Residence Certificate (Permanent Residents);
  • Provide proof of your SIN to the Administrative Officer of your academic unit;
  • Provide a void cheque for bank deposit.

International Students

  • Must arrive one week prior to beginning of classes;
  • Must be registered;
  • A copy of your student permit;

All Students

  • Must apply directly to the Human resources link;
  • Available positions will be posted in:
    • July for the Fall semester*
    • November for the Winter semester
  • Students must follow CUPE2626 procedures;
  • Successful candidates will be contacted.

Note: Salaries are twice a month, on the 15th and 30th of each month.


Developing skills in roles as teaching assistants in the Faculty of Science at uOttawa through workshops.

*Check regularly in the system, dates may be a bit different from department to department

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