Undergraduate studies

In science, you explore, you question, you discover. You open your mind. You develop a passion for pushing back the boundaries of the unknown. Come and develop this passion with us at the University of Ottawa. Our Faculty of Science offers programs that will expand your knowledge of the environment and shape your perception of yourself as a living being. They will give you the tools for a rewarding career in natural sciences, life sciences, physical sciences, or mathematics.

You will be investing wisely in your future. In all of our programs, the training you will receive is an ideal gateway to the labour market and other professional programs.

The future in science has never been so promising or exciting… be part of it!

Suggested course sequences

Biochemistry and Chemical Engineering (Biotechnology)

The sequence and requirements for this program have changed significantly compared to the last year. Students starting their studies during the upcoming academic year (2019-2020) must complete the requirements of this new version and should follow the new sequence.

Students who started their program during a previous academic year (on or before 2018-2019) must complete the requirements of the correct version of their program. To consult your course requirements, please refer to the list of program version by academic year below and select the year in which you started.

Students may request to change to the newest version of the program if they wish but may not change back to an older version. For more information regarding version changes, please consult the office of undergraduate studies for the Faculty of Science.

New sequence for students starting during the 2019-2020 academic year:

Program requirements for students who started on or before the 2018-2019 academic year:

Other paths


Financial Mathematics and Economics

Life Sciences

Ophthalmic Medical Technology

Physics and Electrical Engineering

Course offering

Programs are offered in English and in French. It should be noted that some courses are not offered each year. Students should consult with their Office of Undergraduate Studies in order to plan their course sequence.

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