Honours BSc in Biomedical Science - Neuroscience Option (120 units)

Academic year 2020-2021

  Fall Winter
1st year (30 units)
  • BIO1109 (register for this course if 4U Biology not completed)*
  • ANP1105
  • BIO1130
  • CHM1311 (or CHM1301 if 4U Chemistry not completed)
  • MAT1330
  • PSY1101 (Fall or Winter)
  • ANP1106
  • BIO1140
  • CHM1321
  • MAT1332
  • 3 optional course units in English (ENG) at the 1000 or 2000 level excluding ENG1112 and ENG1131
2nd year (30 units)
  • CHM2120
  • MAT2379
  • PHI2396
  • PSY1102** or PSY2114 (Fall or Winter)
  • 3 elective course units
  • BCH2333
  • BIO2133
  • BIO3303
  • PHY1322
  • 3 elective course units
3rd year (30 units)
  • BIO3153
  • BIO3170
  • BIO3305
  • BCH3356 (Fall) or BIO3151 (Winter)
  • 3 elective course units
  • BCH3120
  • BIO3350
  • PHA4107
  • 3 optional course units in psychology (PSY) from:
    • PSY3128
    • PSY3171
  • 3 optional course units at the 3000 or 4000-level offered by the Faculty of Science
4th year (30 units)
  • BIM4009
  • BIM4920
  • BIO3124
  • 6 elective course units
  • BIM4009
  • BIM4921
  • BIO4175
  • BIO4351
  • 3 optional course units from the list below


* This course is beyond the requirements of the programs in science.

** Students who consider the possibility of joining the Neuroscience Option should choose PSY1102 as this course is a prerequisite for 3rd year courses in Psychology – PSY3128 and PSY3171 - that are mandatory for the option.

1 The following courses are considered as science courses: PHS 3341, PHS 3342, PHS 4300, PHS 4336.

List of optional courses:

ANP1107 BCH3125 BCH4101 or BPS4101 BCH4122 BCH4125 BCH4188 BIM4103 BIM4316
BIO2135 BIO3137 BIO3147 BIO3152 BIO3360 BIO4158 BPS3101 BPS4103
BPS4105 BPS4127 BPS4131 CMM4360 PHS3341 PHS3342

Please note that all programs in the Faculty of Science require a minimum of 12 units from the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Social Sciences or the Telfer School of Management.

Co-operative education is available with program.
The French Immersion Stream is available with this program.
The minimum CGPA required to be on good academic standing is 5.0
Please note that a maximum of 48 units at the 1000 level can be used towards your program.

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