Honours BSc in Environmental Science (120 units)

Academic year 2021-2022

  Fall Winter
1st year (30 units)
  • BIO1109 (register for this course if 4U Biology not completed)*
  • BIO1130
  • CHM1311 (or CHM1301 if 4U Chemistry not completed)
  • GEO1115
  • MAT1330
  • PHY1321 (or PHY1331 if 4U Physics not completed)
  • BIO1140
  • CHM1321
  • EVS1101
  • GEO1111
  • MAT1332
2nd year

At the end of the first year, all students must choose one of the following three options:

1) Conservation and Biodiversity
2) Global Change
3) Environmental Geochemistry and Ecotoxicology

Separate tables for each of these options are available; please consult these for further information.

3rd year
4th year


* This course is beyond the requirements of the programs in science.

Co-operative education is available with this program.
The French Immersion Stream is available with this program.
The minimum CGPA required to be on good academic standing is 5.0
Please note that a maximum of 48 units at the 1000 level can be used towards your program.

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