Honours BSc in Environmental Science (120 units)

Academic year 2019-2020

  Fall Winter
1st year (30 units)
  • BIO1109 (register for this course if 4U Biology not completed)*
  • BIO1130
  • CHM1311 (or CHM1301 if 4U Chemistry not completed)
  • GEO1115
  • MAT1330
  • PHY1321 (or PHY1331 if 4U Physics not completed)
  • BIO1140
  • CHM1321
  • EVS1101
  • GEO1111
  • MAT1332
2nd year

At the end of the first year, all students must choose one of the following three options:

1) Conservation and Biodiversity
2) Global Change
3) Environmental Geochemistry and Ecotoxicology

Separate tables for each of these options are available; please consult these for further information.

3rd year
4th year


* This course is beyond the requirements of the programs in science.

Co-op option is available
The French Immersion Stream is available with this program.
The minimum CGPA required to be on good academic standing is 5.0
Please note that a maximum of 42 units at the 1000 level can be used towards your program.

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