Honours BSc in Physics/ BASc in Electrical Engineering – 159 credits

Academic year 2016-2017

Discover the fundamental laws of nature, and then apply this knowledge in the design of breakthrough technologies that will transform our society. While physics probes big questions, from the origin of the universe to the workings of the quantum world, electrical engineering underlies the technologies that are ubiquitous in our modern world, from power generation to the computer chip. 

By teaching you the foundations of how nature works, and then how to innovate with this knowledge, this integrated program will uniquely equip you to tackle societal and technological problems facing us and future generations. In five years you will earn two degrees, in physics and electrical engineering, and will be truly challenged to defy the conventional.

Academic year 2016-2017

1st year (30 credits)
2nd year (33 credits)
3rd year (30 credits)
4th year (33 credits
  • ELG2911
  • ELG4913
  • PHY3355
  • 3 course credits to be selected from the list below according to the chosen option3
  • 3 optional course credits in mathematics (MAT) at the 2000, 3000 or 4000 level, excluding MAT23791
5th year (33 credits)
  • PHY4006 (Fall and Winter)
  • 6 course credits to be selected from the list below according to the chosen option3
  • 6 optional course credits in physics (PHY) at the 4000 or 5000 level2


(MAT2141 or MAT2342) or (MAT2371 or MAT2377) is recommended

2 Students in the Power and Sustainability Option must take PHY4324 Energy Technologies, which may need to be taken in the winter of the fourth year

3 Compulsory electrical engineering/computer engineering (ELG/CEG) 4000 level courses (students must choose one of the following options):

 The extended French stream is available with this program.

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