Minor in Biophysics (33 units)

Academic year 2021-2022

  Fall Winter
1st year (18 units)
  • MAT1320 (or MAT1330)
  • PHY1121 (or PHY1321 or PHY1331 if 4U Physics not completed)
  • CHM1311 (or CHM1301 if 4U Chemistry not completed)
  • MAT1322 or MAT1332
  • PHY1122 (or PHY1322 if 4U Physics not completed)
  • BIO1140
2nd year (6 units)
  • 3 optional course units in physics (PHY) at the 2000, 3000 or 4000 level1
  • PHY2325
3rd year (9 units)
  • BIO3153
  • PHY3325
  • PHY4322
4th year    


MAT1341 is a prerequisite to some second year physics courses; check the university calendar. Students interested in applying for graduate studies in biological physics in the Department of Physics at uOttawa are recommended to take some of the following courses: PHY2361, PHY3350, PHY3355, MAT2324 or MAT2384. For more details the interested student should consult with the potential research supervisor of the Department of Physics.

Please note that a maximum of 45 units at the 1000 level can be used towards the Bachelor of Science with Minor.

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