Minor in Statistics (30 units)

Academic year 2021-2022

  Fall Winter
1st year (9 units)
  • MAT1320 or MAT1330
  • MAT1341 or MAT1302 (Fall or Winter)
  • MAT1322 or MAT1332
2nd year (9 units)
  • MAT2342
  • MAT2371
  • MAT2375 or MAT23791 (Fall)
3rd year (9 units)
  • 9 course units from2 (Fall or Winter):
    • MAT31723
    • MAT3375
    • MAT3377
    • MAT3378
    • MAT3379
    • MAT41753
    • MAT4371
    • MAT4374
    • MAT4375
    • MAT4376
    • MAT4377
    • MAT4378
4th year (3 units)
  • 3 optional course units in mathematics (MAT) at the 2000, 3000 or 4000 level or from among the following courses (Fall or Winter):
    • BIO4158
    • ECO41863
    • GEG41203
    • GEO43543


1 This course cannot count for units in the major or honours in mathematics or statistics.
2 The courses in this list are accredited by the Statistical Society of Canada for the A. Stat. professional designation. Contact the Department of Mathematics and Statistics for more details.
These courses require prerequisites which are not part of the minor.

Most 3000 and 4000 level courses are offered in alternating years with the French equivalent.

Please note that a maximum of 45 units at the 1000 level can be used towards the Bachelor of Science with Minor.

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