Featured Discoveries

Reducing CO2 emissions with low cost carbon capture technology

Scientists and environmentalists around the world are alarmed by the increasing greenhouse gas emissions arising from human activity.

Study brings experts closer to understanding the role of fluids during slow earthquakes

(left to right) Professor Pascal Audet and PhD student Jeremy Gosselin stand a few feet apart, with a long corridor behind them.

Over the last 20 years, scientists have discovered and characterized a new type of earthquake called slow earthquakes at subduction zones, where a tectonic plate slides underneath another one.

Modeling COVID-19 infection and recovery to determine when to emerge from lockdown

Professor Stacey R. Smith? stands in front of an abstract painting, with one hand on her hip.

With the rapid amount of information published daily on the COVID-19 pandemic, the question of how to apply models in a rapidly evolving epidemic becomes paramount.

New Fiber-optic Devices for Sensing Applications

(left to right) Professor Xiaoyi Bao and Postdoctoral Fellow Huibo Fan stand in their laboratory surrounded by a lot of laboratory equipment

Professor Xiaoyi Bao’s research has many tangible applications in the area of infrastructure monitoring. With postdoctoral fellow Huibo Fan and collaborator Liang Chen, Prof. Bao recently completed an important study in which she overcame the detection limitations of fiber-optic sensors.

Discovery of a Novel Sex Hormone Opens a New Area of Investigation in Biology

While searching for the genes that are fundamental for an animal’s ability to reproduce, Professor Trudeau and his team discovered a new sex hormone.

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