Remarkable Students


A first experience with scientific research sparks newfound interest for an undergraduate student

Headshot of undergraduate student Libny Pierre-Louis, wearing a light grey sweater. We see a light green wall and the side of a wooden bookcase behind her.

After completing rigorous university courses, an honours research project, and many hours of volunteer work, undergraduate student Libny Pierre-Louis wrapped up her bachelor’s degree with remarkable academic results, a place in medical school, and a growing interest in scientific research.

Cultivating curiosity and excellence with nanopores

Headshot of undergraduate coop student Lucas Philipp, wearing blue, hooded jacket and a backpack, and standing in front of a background of tundra

Lucas and members of the Tabard-Cossa Lab explored the fundamental aspects of how DNA molecules approach the nanopore and how their conformation changes as they thread through the nanopore.

Undergraduate student lives her passion for Geology

Headshot of undergraduate student Mary Macquistan, leaning against a column, outdoors. We see a road and two automobiles in the blurred background behind her.

Mary Macquistan's outstanding honours project, under the supervision of Professor Jonathan O'Neil, certainly signals the beginning of a promising career in research.

A virtual internship for promising mathematics students

(from left to right) Professor Hadi Salmasian, and undergraduate students Havi Ellers and Xiaomin Li, stand side by side, around 1 metre apart, in front of a blackboard.

Two American students, who have personal ties to Canada, received funding from the Fields Undergraduate Summer Research Program (FUSRP) to work on a research project proposed by uOttawa Professor Hadi Salmasian, which linked representation theory and combinatorics.


A new quantum cryptography scheme for secure encryption

Master’s student Rabib Islam is seen from the chest up, wearing a light blue patterned shirt and a grey blazer. We see a corridor of the uOttawa Stem Complex behind him

A main focus of quantum cryptography is the use of principles of quantum mechanics to encrypt messages.

Passionate quantum cryptography student receives Mitacs Accelerate award

Master’s student Maria Perepechaenko is seen from the waist up, wearing a long-sleeved black top and holding a laptop against her chest, in front of a cream coloured background

A career in scientific research requires curiosity, critical thinking, hard work and most importantly, passion. MSc student Maria Perepechaenko has found hers in post-quantum cryptography.

Communicating securely underwater – a quantum solution

Master’s student Felix Hufnagel is seen from the waist up, wearing a long-sleeved white shirt. We see the windows of the Advanced Research Complex (uOttawa campus) behind him

To many, the study of underwater quantum communication can seem overwhelming and rather puzzling. However, for Felix Hufnagel, a former MSc (now PhD) student at the University of Ottawa, it is in this complex field of physics that he excels.

Collaborating globally to make impactful discoveries in biology

Master’s student Daniel Kostyniuk is seen wearing a red lifejacket and holding a large northern pike. To his left is his grandfather, Ernie Shume, wearing a purple baseball cap and looking down at the fish. Behind them, we see Lee River, Manitoba, Canada

Daniel Kostyniuk conducted research to characterize changes in expression of the liver’s ‘microRNAome’ in rainbow trout under nutritional and social stressors.


Demonstrating Secure Underwater Quantum Communication

After completing a bachelor’s and master’s degree at the University of Ottawa, Alicia Sit continues to contribute to impactful research while pursuing a PhD with her supervisor, Professor Ebrahim Karimi.

Assessing the alarming decline in bumblebee population, with climate change to blame

Headshot of PhD student Peter Soroye, wearing a blue and white patterned shirt. We see a window behind him, and the Canadian parliament is seen through the window

As a soon to graduate PhD student, Peter Soroye will certainly have left his mark through his impressive research and involvement in biology and conservation science.

Advocating for equitable teaching in the science community

PhD student Jacky Deng is seen from the waist up, wearing a short-sleeved blue patterned shirt. He is leaning against a railing and we see a body of water behind him

Jacky Deng, a PhD student in the Flynn Research group, is combining his strong scientific background and his interest in social justice to address the inequalities faced by underrepresented groups in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Developing antioxidant therapies to treat degenerative disease

PhD graduate Ron Shah is seen from the chest up, wearing a light grey blazer over a light grey sweater. We see a blurred background of leaves behind him.

Ron Shah, a gifted PhD graduate who worked with Professor Derek Pratt, significantly advanced the development of antioxidant therapies for the treatment of degenerative disease.

International PhD student creates an efficient algorithm with multiple applications

To pursue his PhD at the University of Ottawa, Yves Fomatati took a significant risk by leaving his teaching job and family in his native Cameroon.

Bridging geoscience and materials science for outstanding innovation

Photo of PhD student Renelle Dubosq, who is standing in front of a poster showing a multicolored map of North America

Renelle Dubosq stands out from the ordinary not only as one of the very few Indigenous women in the geosciences, but especially for her valuable work on the atomic structure of geomaterials.

Understanding the dynamics of faults using seismic data

PhD student Jeremy Gosselin, along with the uOttawa Geophysics group, recently examined time-varying changes in mechanical properties of rocks in the Cascadia subduction zone, using seismic data.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Unlocking the incredible potential of plant biology

 Postdoctoral fellow Mina Ghahremani is standing outdoors on the grass, in front of a large tree. She is wearing a long blue dress with white polka dots and holding a baby onesie in from of her stomach.

As scientists around the world worked on research and development of an effective vaccine for COVID-19, Mina and her colleagues launched a novel research initiative focused on developing an edible vaccine for the disease.

Exciting advances in crystal engineering

(left to right) Postdoctoral fellow Vijith Kumar and Professor David Bryce are standing in front of a laboratory bench. We see part of a fume hood and a cabinet holding chemicals behind them.

While working as a postdoctoral fellow with Professor David Bryce, Vijith Kumar built on his research experience in supramolecular chemistry by exploring organic crystal engineering with novel non-covalent interactions such as chalcogen and tetrel bonding.

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