Registration to the research project

Registration procedures

  1. You must ensure that you meet the minimum requirements:
    • Familiarize yourself with the course description ( Honours Project ) available online under the Calendar to find out what are the minimum requirements and this by entering the Honours Project course code pertinent to your program of study.
    • For students in Mathematics and Statistics Programs, the fourth year status is sufficient;
    • You must have the minimum CGPA/GPA required by the department where the project will be completed.
  2. Required documents for registration to the honours project:
    • Fill out and have your supervisor and co-supervisor (if applicable) sign the appropriate Honours Project Form.
    • Provide all other documents required by the department where the project will be completed.
    • Once the forms are completed, you can:
      • Bring the forms at the Office of Undergraduate Programs located in Gendron Hall room 172;
      • fax us the forms at 613-562-5274;
      • mail us the forms at 30 Marie-Curie (172) Ottawa, Ontario K1N 6N5
      • or send it by email.
        We will proceed with your registration during the summer 2017 after having evaluated your academic file.
  3. Particularities for the registration of certain projects:
    • Biomedical Sciences students: Students must submit a short resume of their project (1/4 -1/2 page), with the name and coordinates of their potential supervisor to the Office of Undergraduate Programs.
    • Mathematics and Statistics:  Prior to registration, students must obtain approval from the Associate Director of the Department.
    • Physics students: Prior to registration, students must provide the title of their project and obtain approval from the contact person in Physics or the Assistant Chair Academic.


    • Please note that it will be possible to complete an Honours Research Project while being in an Honours program with Major in Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry or Physics.
    • For students in the Honours with Major in Mathematics or Statistics, the Joint Honours in Mathematics and Economics, the Joint Honours in Computer Science and Mathematics and the Honours in Financial Mathematics and Economics, the approval from the Associate Director of the Department will be required.
    • An Honours Project will not be permitted for students registered in the Honours with Major in Geology.
  4. Apart from the exceptions in the previous point, a co-supervisor is needed only when the supervisor is not affiliated with the Department where the project will be completed.
    1. For more detailed information relating to research projects, please contact:

      BCH: Linda Baron

      BIM: Annie Laprise | Michael Jonz

      BIO: Annie Laprise | Cory Harris

      BPS: Linda Baron

      CHM: Linda Baron

      EVS: Danielle Fortin

      GEO: Jonathan O'Neil

      MAT/STAT: Janick Rainville

      PHY: Peter Piercy
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