Study Abroad, An Enriching Experience!

The purpose of the exchange program of the University of Ottawa is to allow full-time students to study at a partner university without being required to pay international student fees. Students can gain a new perspective during their academic experience by spending one or two terms at a partner institution as part of a student exchange with one of our more than 250 partner institutions in some 52 countries. The exchange program is an integral part of University of Ottawa’s strategic plan to allow our students to become true global citizens. It aims to train graduates who are skilled and open to the world by offering them this international dimension.

The benefits of participating in the exchange program

  • Access to recognized international partner institutions
  • Units towards their uOttawa degree
  • Students pay regular uOttawa tuition fees, rather than international student fees at the host university
  • A guaranteed student mobility scholarship
  • Support services to ensure a quality academic experience in a secure setting

Learn more about the exchange program of the University of Ottawa

How to start the process?

Meet with an Academic Advisor and follow the procedures below regarding the preliminary course selection and obtaining the approval of the Faculty of Science

Please book an appointment with Alex Ben-Tchavtchavadze or Julie Monette:

Gendron Hall, room 172
Phone : 613-562-5727

Evaluated list of courses from host universities

  1. Make an appointment with the Academic Advisor.
  2. Upon the meeting, you need to have chosen your choices of institution along with the duration of the exchange.
  3. List of preliminary course selection.
    • You need to present all courses for each institution;
    • If you wish to have more courses evaluated than those available in the section called List of courses evaluated for host universities please send the new detailed course descriptions (# of hours, course title) for each courses subject to evaluation and this in PDF format to Alex Ben-Tchavtchavadze or Julie Monette.
  4. The evaluation results will be sent to you via your uOttawa email address.
  5. Deadlines to submit course descriptions for the preliminary course selection can be found on the International Office web site.

Contact Information

Alex Ben-Tchavtchavadze or Julie Monette
Gendron Hall, room 172
Phone : 613-562-5727

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